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The famous sword is romantic (11th Jan 23 at 2:16am UTC)
Mr. Dongguo murmured, "It's strange that she didn't kill you." "Why did she kill me?" Asked Yu Peiyu. "Because you may be the only person in the world who can reveal her secret," said Mr. Dongguo. "What's the secret?" Asked Yu Peiyu. "Do you know her last name?" Asked Mr. Dongguo? What's his name? Without waiting for Yu Peiyu to speak, he added, "Naturally, you don't know her name. Few people in the world know her name, because her name itself is a secret." "Why?" Asked Yu Peiyu. "Because her name is Ji Beiqing," said Mr. Dongguo. "Ji is sad," said Yu Peiyu? What does she have to do with Ji's bitterness? "Of course it matters," said Mr. Dongguo. She is not only the sister of Ji Kuqing, but also the wife of Ji Kuqing. Yu Peiyu was stunned and could hardly speak. Mr. Dongguo sighed and said, "Injustice.." This is a sin. "" He answered with a wry smile, "Because the people in the Ji family all have a crazy idea that only the people in their family are the best, and no one else is worthy of them." "In that case," said Yu Peiyu in horror, "they.. Are all the seeds of incest in their homes? Mr. Dongguo sighed,touch screen kiosk, "Yes, just because their family has been married by brothers and sisters for generations, the children they give birth to are either crazy or idiots. Although this sad girl looks as beautiful as a fairy, in fact, she is not an exception. She is also a madman." Yu Peiyu glanced at the statue and felt a cold sweat in her palm. "But she was a haughty madman," said Mr. Dongguo. "When she saw that she had given birth to an evil seed like Ji Zhanhua,touch screen digital signage, she threw caution to the wind and left. That's why in Ji Zhanhua's generation, he was the only son who had to intermarry with a different family name. Even so, he refused to sleep with his wife from the beginning to the end." Only then did Yu Peiyu understand how Ji Lingfeng refused to admit that Ji Zaohua was her father, and also understood the pain of Mrs. Ji. But if Ji Zaohua is not Ji Lingfeng's father, who is his father? Could it be the "surnamed Yu" hiding in the tunnel? Is that "surnamed Yu". The more Yu Peiyu thought about it, the more afraid she became. It's just that there are some things he has to think about: If "Lady Moyu" is really the wife of Ji Kueqing, how can she kill Ji Kueqing? He saw it with his own eyes and could not believe it. Mr. Dongguo said, "From then on, Ji Kuiqing became even crazier. At that time, there were many headless cases in Jianghu that shocked the world. A large number of treasures were mysteriously robbed, and many celebrities were mysteriously killed. The person who committed the crime had excellent martial arts skills and clean hands and feet. No one would have thought that the person who committed the crime was Ji Kuiqing." Yu Peiyu had heard the mysterious old man Gao say this once in the tunnel of "Killing Village", which showed that what Mr. Dongguo said was also false. Mr. Dongguo said, facial recognization camera ,temperature check kiosk, "Although dozens of masters were mobilized in the martial arts world at that time, only one person guessed that it was Ji Kuiqing who committed the crime, and no one believed his idea." Yu Peiyu was moved and said, "Do you know this man?" Mr. Dongguo smiled and said, "Of course I know him, because he is my second brother," Wanli Flying Eagle "Dongguo Gao." Yu Peiyu had long thought that the mysterious "old man Goriot" would have a glorious past, but she never thought that he would have such a close relationship with "Mr. Dongguo". Mr. Dongguo gazed at him with a smile in his eyes and said, "I know you must know him, too, don't you?" Yu Peiyu said with a sigh, "The younger generation has received even more favors from the older generation. He really has the grace to rebuild his disciples." Mr. Dongguo said, "My second brother is not only highly skilled in flying, but also hates evil as much as he hates it. His medical skills are unparalleled in the world. Even if Hua Tuo is brought back to life, he may not be able to match him in the art of sword and Gui." Yu Peiyu touched her face and could not help showing respect from the bottom of her heart. Mr. Dongguo said, "My second brother forced Ji to have no way out, so he faked his death and escaped from the killing village. He fled to poverty and went to look for his wife, Lady Moyu.".
” "Was Ji Sadness also outside the pass at that time?" Asked Yu Peiyu. "Not bad," said Mr. Dongguo! After the two men met outside the pass, their ambition was still alive. They were always preparing to make a comeback and reign over the world. But they were still afraid of my brothers. They never dared to come forward. They had to use a person with a good reputation in the martial arts world to be their puppet. Yu Peiyu's face twisted for a while, and she said in a loud voice, "What the elder said is naturally that Yu.." "Someone in Yu." With a look of pity and sympathy in his eyes, Mr. Dongguo said in a soft voice, "The old man is a rare gentleman in the martial arts world. How can he help them do evil? They know this very well, so they have to get rid of the old man and find someone to pretend to be Yu Fanghe. They want to borrow Yu Fanghe's chivalrous name. Naturally, they will stop at nothing." Hearing this, Yu Peiyu was both indignant and moved. Grief and indignation because he thought of the tragic change of his home and the tragic death of his father. What moved him was that for the first time in so many days, someone felt aggrieved for him, someone understood the grievances of his father and son, and someone was willing to speak for him. Mr. Dongguo patted him on the shoulder and said softly, "Heaven's justice is long and narrow. Although you have suffered the cold eyes of the world now, one day in the future, when the grievance comes to light, you will be proud and elated." Yu Peiyu felt a surge of blood in her chest and burst into tears. She crawled and kowtowed and said, "Did the elder already know the life experience of my disciple?" Mr. Dongguo picked him up and said softly, "Of course I knew it long ago. Do you remember that I saw you on the day you suffered misfortune? At that time, I knew you must have the courage to endure humiliation." Yu Peiyu took a few long breaths to calm her mind a little. "There's only one thing I don't understand,face recognition identification kiosk," she said sadly. "What's the matter?" Asked Mr. Dongguo. Yu Peiyu gritted her teeth and said, "Who is the wicked thief who pretended to be my father?"? Why does he also have the martial arts of "Innate Promise"? He was also able to learn my father's expression and behavior perfectly, which was generally the same. 。 hsdtouch.com
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