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Tame my rose by Mu Jin An (11th Jan 23 at 2:13am UTC)
Sheng Xingyu almost rolled her eyes, she knew how strong Sheng Xinglan's irritating skills were, and then stopped talking. Yao Hongyu really wanted to find a daughter-in-law for Wu Yan today, but who knows Wu Yan did not know where to go. I can't find anyone, let alone help find them. At the end of the banquet, Sheng Xinglan deliberately said hello to Sheng Xingyu before leaving. He was so angry that Sheng Xingyu turned his back and ignored him. Sheng Xinglan just out of the villa, Qin Yun's car did not wait, but Pei Xichi's car slowly stopped in front of her. Get in the car and I'll be your driver today. He rolled down the window and said. Sheng Xinglan slightly stunned, this side received a phone call from Qin Yun, said that encountered something can not come, let Peixi late to send her. She hung up the phone and looked at the smile on Pei Xichi's face with some helplessness: "Did you expect it?" "Something like that." Pei Xichi answered vaguely, in fact, he had previously asked Qin Yun, which created the opportunity for two people in the world, of course,touch screen whiteboard, this matter can not be said. Sheng Xinglan could only ignore the eyes of the people around him, and then calmly got into the car. Take me back to the Rose Mansion. She fastened her seat belt and said. "Do you really think I'm your driver?" Pei Xichi said as he started the car. As soon as Sheng Xinglan was ready to speak, her stomach growled twice. Embarrassed, she covered her stomach. Even though her ears were red, she pursed her lips and explained: "This is just a normal reaction to hunger. You will have it too!" "You didn't eat at the party." Percy hooked his lips. "I didn't eat either. Let's find a place to eat now." "In this dress?" Sheng Xinglan asked doubtfully. Pei Xichi looked at her and then smiled. "Very nice." Sheng Xinglan flurried away from his eyes and asked, "Where are you taking me to eat?" "It's a place you've never been to,smart interactive whiteboard, and I promise it's a food you've never tasted." Sheng Xinglan tilted his head, for Pei Xichi so confident but had some interest, her family chef can do anything, what else can she not eat. The car drove all the way to the center of Lincheng, the night had been quietly dyed into the sky, and even the night wind was somewhat cool. Sheng Xinglan was wearing a one-shouldered dress, so he had to roll up the window. Arriving at the downtown street, Pei Xichi found a parking space to park the car. Sheng Xinglan did not immediately get out of the car, she looked around curiously, for such a crowded street market, or in the evening time, interactive panel board ,interactive boards for classrooms, she had never come. Is this where you're taking me to dinner? She couldn't believe it. "Still wearing clothes like this?" Peixi got out of the car late and went to the co-driver to help her open the door. "In fact, it's a normal skirt. Don't worry, no one will say anything." Sheng Xinglan today to pick the dress is not the style of the long skirt, only to the ankle part, she suddenly a little glad at this time is such a length, otherwise walking on the road how to look strange. People came and went on the roadside, and Sheng Xinglan just got off the bus and attracted the attention of passers-by. The slender neckline, bright and aggressive beauty, is as arrogant and noble as a black swan, which makes people unable to move their eyes. Is it a star? "How beautiful!" "I don't know if I can get a group photo." Are you filming or? Which female star is so beautiful! It's like a goddess in a dream. Pei Xichi looked at the men around him step by step, almost all staring at Sheng Xinglan, and his face turned black into the bottom of the pot. Sheng Xinglan has been seen since childhood, but he doesn't care about these lines of sight. He only asks, "Where are we going to eat?" "I think we should go back to the Rose Mansion to eat," said Pei Xichi. Sheng Xinglan:? Pei Xichi took off his suit jacket and stiffly handed it to Sheng Xinglan: "It's too cold at night. Your skirt doesn't keep warm.".
” Sheng Xinglan:.. Tangxin Chengcheng Finishing: Pei Ershao: Ask the author to quickly find a reason for me to be jealous (plug money) By: OK, arrange it right away! Thanks to the little angel who voted for me from 2020-02-19 23:50:54 to 2020-02-21 18:32:30. Thanks to the little angel who threw the mine: peach pie, 1 little secret; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates the nutrient solution: 27489804 6 bottles; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Want to see me? Probably thought for more than fifteen seconds before Sheng Xinglan took over. She looked like she was trying very hard to put on Pei Xichi's coat, adding in passing, "I put it on for the sake of you taking it off." Pei Xichi raised his eyebrows with a smile. "I know it's my honor to wear my clothes." Sheng Xinglan ignored Pei Xichi's smiling eyes and asked, "Where are we going to eat?" "Have you ever eaten a string of hot pot?" Pei Xichi said as he walked. Sheng Xinglan is stupefied, shake one's head immediately: "I know chaffy dish, but had not eaten." She has been eating food cooked by her own chef since she was a child, whether Chinese or Western, but she has never tried anything like roadside snacks. Even if they go out to eat, they choose high-end restaurants, let alone crowded places like hot pot. Not surprisingly, Pei Xichi smiled and said, "Let's try it today." "Is it delicious?" Sheng Xinglan asked curiously. Pei Xi nodded late: "Of course delicious, otherwise how can I bring you here." Is saying, two people then arrived at a storefront doorway, the signboard is called the string string incense, the very simple name. But there are already many guests sitting around the table, even standing outside the door, you can hear the noise inside. Let's go Sheng Xinglan followed Pei Xichi into the shop, and the hot air and the sound of laughing conversation made her feel strange. Sitting down by the window,interactive digital whiteboard, Sheng Xinglan still looked around, "It's quite clean." "I wouldn't take you anywhere messy on purpose." Percy handed over the menu. "Order whatever you want." Sheng Xinglan took the ballpoint pen and was stunned. She didn't know anything about the so-called string. For the first time, she felt at a loss. hsdsmartboard.com
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