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The world of good and evil (11th Jan 23 at 2:13am UTC)
Staring at the two lines of words, Bai Chen stood still, frowning slightly, as if he was thinking hard about something. After nearly a quarter of an hour, he heaved a long sigh of relief. He picked up the flagon, filled it with a cup, and drank it down. But he felt mellow in the mouth and had a long aftertaste. He could not help tutting and praising: "Good wine!" When he was in the Wind Palace, in order to deceive people, he often mingled in wine shops, gambling houses, and brothels. If he had wine, he would drink it, and if he drank it, he would get drunk. Over time, he became addicted to alcohol. During the days when he was used to test medicine by Fish's Tears, he only smelled the medicine all day long, but did not smell the fragrance of wine. He was already addicted to alcohol. This "good wine" was his heartfelt words. Bai Chen walked out a few steps, turned back again, picked up the flagon without a cup, and poured it wildly. In a moment, there was no more wine left in the flagon. He said to himself, "Since the Valley of Death is full of dangers,smart boards for conference rooms, and all the people in the martial arts world are afraid to avoid it, then I have lost my martial arts, and it is even more impossible to guard against it. If the other side deliberately wants to take my life, how can it escape the disaster?"? I don't believe that the Lord of the Valley of Death will kill anyone who enters the valley without asking. As he thought about it, he continued to walk deep into the valley. After walking for a while, he suddenly found that the road under his feet was drifting like a silk ribbon, and the trees around him began to shake. Bai Chen was stunned for a moment before he realized that he was drunk and wavering. "Can I get drunk with a mere pot of wine?" He wondered in amazement? Or is the wine really poisoned? At this moment, the toxin began to attack. With a groan like a sigh, he leaned against a tree trunk and slipped slowly to the ground. ※ ※ ※ Tianxia town. There is a rather elegant teahouse named "Mingxin Teahouse" at the intersection from the town to the west. Monk Tianshi and Guang Fengxing sat in the teahouse for two days in a row,75 smart board, paying attention to the intersection. They naturally waited for the arrival of Hou Fan Li's hatred, but Fan Li's hatred did not appear for a long time, which made them restless. When they were drinking tea, they suddenly heard the sound of Erhu in a corner. When they looked up, they saw an old man and a young man. The old man was thin and had been washed white. The younger one was a girl of about 14 or 15 years old. She looked comely, but her face was a little pale, as if she had just been ill, and she was obviously weak. The old man sat down at an empty table in the corner, crossed his legs, tuned the strings of the erhu, and concentrated on playing the erhu. The girl bowed to the tea guests, gave a salute, and began to sing. She was so thin, but her voice was very clear. …… The east wind makes the merciless plan again, the gorgeous pink delicate red blows all over the ground, interactive touch screens education ,classroom interactive whiteboard, the green building curtain shadow does not cover the sorrow, but also looks like last year today's meaning.. Monk Tianshi suddenly sighed and said, "It's these tea customers again, and it's this singing method again." The teahouse was quite quiet, but the girl's singing voice was suddenly interrupted by the voice of the heavenly monk, and all the eyes could not help shooting at the heavenly monk. When the monk woke up, he quickly smiled apologetically at the crowd and lowered his head while drinking tea. Guang Fengxing knew that he was restless because he was waiting for Fan Li to stop hating him. He couldn't help thinking, "What Master Miaomen said is true. Although he has mindfulness in his heart, he has no Buddhist affinity. If he were an eminent monk, how could he be so restless?" Just as he was thinking about it, he suddenly heard a low "ah" from the heavenly monk. Guang Fengxing looked at him. At the moment, the heavenly monk was looking out of the window with a look of surprise on his face. Guang Fengxing knew without asking that it must be Fan Li who had come. He looked out and saw that it was true. The two of them hurriedly paid for the tea. They hurried out of the teahouse and greeted Fan Li. From a distance, the Heavenly Master monk said, "Chongshi, you're here at last." Guang Fengxing was slightly stunned and thought, "Why does he call Fan Shaoxia that?" Fan Li looked a little tired, and he felt a little guilty. "Thank you for waiting," he said. Just as he was about to say something more, his expression suddenly changed and he lost his voice and said, "Where is the secret box?"? Where is the secret box? "There's no need to panic," said the heavenly monk in a low voice. "It's too eye-catching to come and go in the town with a secret box. We've hidden the secret box in a safe place." Fan Li was still worried: "Will there be an accident?" "I don't think so," said Guang Fengxing. "Shaoxia Fan knows it when he sees it.
” At that moment, they led Fan Li to the place where the secret box was hidden. When Fan Li came to the place where the secret box was hidden, the stone in his heart finally fell. It turned out that Monk Tianshi and Guang Fengxing led him to a dry well outside the town. Fan Li looked down from the mouth of the well and vaguely saw some loess at the bottom of the well. Guang Fengxing said, "The secret box is under the loess. I'm going to take it out." With that, he fell lightly from the mouth of the well. Near the bottom of the well, he stepped on the wall of the well with his feet. He fell gently and landed safely. Fan Li sat on the edge of the well, pretending that nothing had happened, but his eyes swept around warily, and there was nothing unusual. After a while, the heavenly monk couldn't help but probe uneasily and said, "Is the secret box there?" "Yes." Guang Fengxing answered at the bottom of the well, and it sounded a little distorted, presumably because of the reverberation in the well. The sound of "rushing" in the well came into their ears clearly. It must be the sound of Guangfengxing stirring the floating earth. While they were waiting silently, they suddenly heard a low cry from Guangfengxing. Although the sound was light, it was enough to make Fan Li hate and Tianshi Monk pale. "How's it going?" Fan Li asked hurriedly. "Nothing." The popular tone became calm and calm again. Fan Li and Monk Tianshi looked at each other and felt surprised. At this moment, Guang Fengxing said, "I threw the secret box and you two took it." Fan Li hate stood up, only to hear a "whoosh", the secret box has flown out of the mouth of the well, Fan Li hate stretched out his hand, has hugged it, widely popular also display their skills, out of the dry well. With a slightly strange expression, he coughed and said in a very low voice, "There is gold in this dry well." The two of them were stunned. "Someone must have left it behind," Fan said with a smile. "It's no big deal for Uncle Guang to take it away." Guang Fengxing shook his head and said, "The gold on the side of the well is not an ingot, nor a bag, but a pile." He exhaled and added,smart board for conference room, "I can't even see how much gold there is in this pile. It's all real gold!" Fan Li hated to see him look solemn, not like a joke, can not help but froze. hsdsmartboard.com
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