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The next island (11th Jan 23 at 2:19am UTC)
Teachers, especially the head of the grade, are really good at criticizing education. Bei Zhiyi covered the microphone, the other end of the phone her mother's description of marriage finally let her wake up from the jam, she frowned, waiting for her mother to give birth to a child to buy a house, finally did not hold back, opened his mouth to call a mother. She used the local dialect of her hometown and raised her eyebrows with Ann, who was openly eavesdropping. Her mother was not satisfied with the daily lecture: "I have not spoken, how can you interrupt casually?"? The family education you were taught when you were a child has been lost. If you marry into someone else's family like this, others will scold our family for having no family education. “……” Bei Zhiyi took a deep breath and interrupted again: "Mom, I can't come back for the time being." The tone was so soft that it smacked of begging for mercy. And Ann raised her eyebrows again. Completely different from Ann, it was Bei's mother who was quiet in an instant over there. Bei Zhiyi felt cold and sweaty behind her back. She closed her eyes. Under the pressure of such silence,Marble Granite Price, she said the lies that she had recited thoroughly: "I.." Teach English to the children on the island here. "Taught.." Not bad, so more and more people were divided into two classes some time ago. Bei's mother is still silent. I want to finish the tutorial here and go back soon. There is still more than a month to go. "I've already applied for it from the company, and they agree." Her voice trailed off. Until silence. Mom She gave a low, timid cry and clenched her lips. Xiao Yi. Bei's mother finally called her name after a long silence. Bei Zhi intended to straighten his waist subconsciously. Are you under a lot of pressure in Mordor? Her mother's voice was gentle, but Bei Zhiyi's shoulders collapsed a little bit. I didn't.. She was shy. I know your temper. From childhood to adulthood,Silver Travertine Slabs, you don't like competition. In Mordor, the competition must be fierce. You've been under a lot of pressure these years, and you're getting more and more unhappy. Mom and Dad know that. "But you are an adult, and adults need to face society and shoulder the pressure." "You can't find an excuse to live on a small island that can't be found on a messy map because you're under too much pressure." "How long can you put off the excuse that teaching English for two months is not enough and you have to add another month?" "There is no income there. You work with the company's salary. You hide there for a month in order to escape reality. What about a month later?" "You have no sense of existence. After three months outside, can anyone in your company know you when you go back?" "Running away won't solve the problem, Xiaoyi." Come back and be obedient! Don't let Mom and Dad down! Mother Bei's concluding statement. ……” Bei Zhiyi pinched the microphone and almost embedded her fingers in the microphone. She had imagined such a situation that she was seen through by her mother. But imagination and experience are two different things. Every word her mother says is a fact, and it is a real pain in her heart. I The ticket has been returned. She forced herself to speak. Can not retreat, retreat, before all the good throbbing will become a joke, retreat, Artificial Marble Slabs ,white marble mosaic, she is not worthy of these good things, not worthy of and Ann. Bei's mother started her trump card again. Silence. The mother and daughter held the phone and kept silent across the Pacific Ocean. Bei Zhiyi holds a handful of change, a dollar a dollar to the phone renewal, seriously as if to adhere to their beliefs. It was when Bei Zhiyi was investing money that he and Ann suddenly took her microphone. He pressed the receiver and smiled at the panicked Bei Zhi Yi. "I'll do it." Then he released his hand and said in perfect Chinese, "Hello, aunt." Bei Zhi Yi: "… …" Absent-minded, she didn't notice that he and Ann were already beside her, and when he reached over just now, she almost screamed. Not that bad It's a good thing she's not good at screaming. Bei Zhiyi, who was in a panic, began to think about it subconsciously. Here's the thing. And Ann this head has been unhurried to start the dialogue, Bei Zhi meaning half of the soul wandering in the sky, half of the soul stupefied.
"The island where the volunteers are located suffered a terrorist attack two days ago." His face did not change color and his heart did not beat. No, no, no. You don't have to worry too much. Beckham is fine. "As you know, terrorist attacks are not allowed to be sloppy, and we volunteers need to stay on the trail temporarily until the special police announce the closure of the case." "The island is very safe, and there have been many special police patrols on the island and in the sea recently." "So for the sake of Beckham's safety, she can only stay on the island during this period." He and Ann paused and smiled. She's really a little timid, probably because she's afraid of your worries, so she doesn't dare to tell the truth. "It's all right, it's all right, it's no trouble." "Yes, yes." …… The soul of the general fugue outside the sky returns, Bei Zhiyi's whole person is stupefied like a wooden chicken. I will report it. Beckham's company should be able to understand. After all, it's a matter of life and death. "Yes, yes." …… “…… Your mother wants to talk to you. He An covered the receiver and returned the phone to Bei Zhiyi. Bei Zhiyi took it mechanically and answered the questions mechanically. That was our captain just now. "His name is He An." "He is a good man." …… ………… By the end, she had forgotten how she hung up the phone. For her safety, her mother finally agreed to let her stay here, provided that she had to contact them once a day at 9 P. m., either by phone or by Internet. After hanging up the phone,White Marble Slabs, Bei Zhiyi bit her lip and looked at Ann. You're a volunteer. Did your company send you? He raised his eyebrows and put his hands around his chest. Bei Zhi Yi: "… …" "Why didn't I know you applied for an extension to your company?" He maintained this posture, and at the end, he gave a hum. The voice was low and the tone rose. Chapter 19. forustone.com
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