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One of the Trinity Series "No Trace of Morning Dew (10th Feb 23 at 2:39am UTC)
Just as the fireball turned black, the transparent wall seemed to break with a bang, and the fireball pounced more ferociously on Van Sai than before. Finally, with a bang, the fireball hit Versailles in the chest. But seeing that he was not sure of his footing, he fell straight out and hit a huge stone with a bang, hanging soft and motionless. Such a blow knocked down Fansai, which Ajixiu did not expect. But without the slightest thought, he stepped forward to see if Versailles had really been defeated, or if there was another plot. Ajixiu walked up slowly and steadily, with fire energy in his hands, alert to the possible counterattack of Fansai. You can't go wrong with caution. Ah! It hurts Vancey suddenly groaned in a low voice. He saw Ajixiu, who was already in front of him, and said with a wry smile, "Ajixiu, please remember my name, Nicholas.". S。 Vancey. Ajixiu saw Fansai wake up and wanted to have another fireball to understand his life. Just as he was about to make a move, he suddenly caught a glimpse of Fansai's eyes without any murderous look,stainless steel tile edge trim, but only a very gentle and kind light, so he could not bear to stop his hand to see what tricks Fansai was going to play on himself. Cough, cough, "Versailles coughed twice and spat out two mouthfuls of blood. It seemed that he was badly injured and might be dying soon." Ajixiu! "Actually, I don't mean to offend you," said Vasey in a trembling voice. "I did it just to test your power." As soon as Ajixiu heard this, he was stunned. "Oh,aluminium tile trim profiles, my God!" He said to himself! How can anyone do such a boring thing in this world? No, I, Ajixiu, am an unknown man. How could he come from so far away from Sipais just to test my strength? Ajixiu knew in his heart that there must be a big reason for Fansai to do so. As Ajixiu was thinking, he suddenly remembered something and said to Fansai, who was not the great thief Yisailie, "Yes, I'm surprised. How did you know my name was Ajixiu and how did you know I would pass by here?" "All this was told to me by the sage." Whispered Vasey. Saint? Who is the saint? Ajixiu knelt down on one knee and hugged Fansai's body and asked eagerly. Cough, cough, "Versailles coughed more and more, and blood kept flowing out of his mouth along the corners.". He shook his head slowly and said sadly, "Don't ask. You'll know later.". I don't have much time. He laboriously took out a large wax-sealed envelope from his bosom and handed it to Ajixiu, saying, tile trim manufacturers ,aluminium edge trim, "You can see it after I die.". You'll understand when you see it. His voice was broken and getting weaker and weaker, and it seemed that he was not far from death. Although there were thousands of questions in Ajixiu's mind at this time, he vaguely felt that the elegant aristocratic gentleman in front of him actually had no malice to himself, and his heart was not sad, "Did he kill a good man by mistake?" Ajixiu asked himself. In fact, the first time Ajixiu saw Fansai, he was impressed by Fansai's valiant and graceful appearance and noble temperament. At that time, there was a faint sense of admiration in Ajixiu's heart, but he was shielded by the anger generated by his battle, so he did not notice it. At this moment, Ajixiu's heart is even more afraid that he really killed a good man by mistake, holding the wax-sealed letter completely do not know what to do. Ajixiu, you must avenge me! Promise me. Fansai's voice became lower and lower, and he raised his hand with great difficulty and pointed to the envelope. "Don't worry!"! My enemy is not you, but in this letter. Good! I promise you. Ajixiu did not know where his heroic spirit came from, and agreed without hesitation. Thank you These were the last words of Vasey before he died, and after saying them, he was out of breath. Although the words were whispered, Ajixiu heard them clearly. Looking at the man he was holding, no, it should be a corpse, Ajixiu's mood was very confused. There was no joy of victory in his heart at the moment. All he had in his heart at the moment was countless doubts and a kind of inexplicable sadness. He looked at Vancey's body and remembered that one minute he was a living man, but now. Alas! Life, you are so fragile.
It took Ajixiu a long time to calm down a little bit of his confused thoughts, find a cleaner place, put down Fansai's body, and began to open and read Fansai's mysterious wax-sealed letter to himself. There were only two pieces of paper full of words in the letter, and as soon as Ajixiu saw the first piece of paper, he could not help frowning, because his knowledge of the language of Asia and Asia was extremely limited. But after careful examination, Ajixiu found that the paper behind and the paper in front were two completely different pieces of paper. One of the pieces of paper was very ordinary, and all that was written on it was the Asian and Asian language that Ajixiu could not understand. And what about the words on the other piece of paper? It was written in a different script. Although Ajixiu doesn't know where this is written. But they are so familiar in Ajixiu's eyes. By the way, these words are the same as the words in the mysterious foreign books that Ajixiu found in Rainbow College. They are all mysterious words that Ajixiu can understand. Ajixiu was curious to read carefully the only letter he could understand. The text reads as follows: Dear good brother: When you read this letter, do not be surprised, do not doubt. I'm the only family you have in the world, your brother Addis. James. Do you need proof? As long as you know this letter, only you and I can understand it, you should be able to believe it. How are you now? Sincerely wish you all the best and live a happy life. I know you have a million questions for me right now. But listen, dear brother, it's not time for you to know everything. So now you don't have to ask anything, just do what I say. My dear brother,stainless steel tile edging, my only relative, you must not know that you are in a very dangerous situation. This danger is long-term and unpredictable. My brother can do nothing about your current situation at the moment, and you can only rely on your own efforts to turn bad luck into good. The only advice I can give you is: "Don't trust anyone around you." 。 jecatrims.com
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