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The Story of the Flower (the male protagonist is d (10th Feb 23 at 2:33am UTC)
However, I do not know whether to rejoice or ridicule, Xiang He finally got his wish, because peony also has a distinction between noble and humble according to people's preferences, there are numerous thousand leaves, one bud thousand money, such as Yao Huang; there are also less pigment petals, which are not valued by people, and can only be peeled as medicine, such as Feng Dan. Liu Ji Nu did not admit his mistake. The clump beside the well in the Orchid courtyard was indeed peony, but it was the most common and usually used as a medicinal elixir. Fengdan, also known as Tongling peony, is named for the best cortex Moutan produced in Phoenix Mountain of Tongling. The color of Fengdan is white and red, and the efficacy of white and red cortex Moutan is slightly different. It is said in Materia Medica that "red flowers are beneficial and white flowers are tonic". This cluster of phoenix peony in the orchid family is snow-white in color, so it is called phoenix peony white. Nowadays, the cortex Moutan used in medicine shops is mostly made from the flower roots of phoenix white or phoenix powder. But even such an ordinary phoenix white is not so easy to get. Xiangcheng and its surrounding areas do not produce peony, even the peony used for medicinal purposes is not produced, and the peony bark is transported from other places by vehicles and ships. Lan Langzhong was familiar with the person who purchased goods from the medicine shop, and asked him to bring a small Fengdan seedling from a peony farmer thousands of miles away, for which he spent a lot of good words and two taels of wine money. Not only is this phoenix white, but almost every flower and plant in the courtyard has its origin except vegetables. There are wild flowers dug in the mountains by Xianghe or Lan Langzhong, ordinary family flowers from villagers and their relatives, and more miscellaneous flowers bought on the way to the hospital, either in exchange for medical fees or with money. No matter how noble or humble, no matter where they come from, they are all gathered in the small courtyard of the Lan family. If we only talk about the number of varieties, the courtyards of many ordinary rich families are not as good as those of many ordinary rich families. In Xianghe's heart, besides Lan Langzhong, the flowers and plants in this yard are her most precious things. However, not only did she like the flowers and plants in this courtyard, but also the children in the village liked them, but their likes were obviously different from those of Xianghe. The flowers are just right on the branches, and if you don't pay attention to them,whirlpool bathtub, they will be picked by some bear children. It's not that Xianghe doesn't let them pick flowers. Sometimes she can cut some blooming flowers and put them in vases. A few flowers can make the bedroom full of fragrance for several days. But the reason why bear children bear is that they just pick them for fun and throw them away when they are tired of playing for a while. And when picking flowers, it is as rude as a real bear, so everywhere the flowers fall, the flowers and leaves fall, like a storm, at a glance, the broken flowers are everywhere, scarlet spots can be seen everywhere. Xianghe wanted to hang them up one by one and beat them up! So, she wanted to set off firecrackers to celebrate that there was an ugly cat in the town house to frighten the children. The father and daughter acquiesced in the existence of the steamed stuffed bun, and let it come and go freely. Sometimes when it came to the meal, Lan Langzhong would greet it. At first, it was naturally despised by the merciless eyes of the steamed stuffed bun adults, but Lan Langzhong was always indomitable and indomitable-or thick-skinned, with the contemptuous eyes of the stuffed stuffed bun, sticking his hot face to the fat buttocks of the stuffed stuffed bun again and again. Finally one day, Lan Langzhong, with a meat bun in his mouth, whirlpool hot tub spa ,outdoor spa manufacturers, shouted to the lonely and proud figure on the roof for the 108th time: "Ugly cat, eat paper?" As soon as the voice fell, I saw the ugly cat shaking its short khaki hair and walking slowly down the roof on an elegant catwalk. From then on, the Lan family had a member outside the establishment called "Baozi". Chapter 6 Peach Blossom Spring. The fat figure of the steamed stuffed bun over there disappeared in the shadow of Daiqingshan in Xiaoyufeng, and the orchid family here went to rest separately. There were sundries in the west room of the hall. It was too late to clean up today, so Liu Jinu slept with Lan Langzhong in the east room for the time being. He slept in the east wing of Xianghe, but separated by a wall. The sound insulation effect of the wall was poor. If one side was louder, the other side could hear it. Lan Langzhong always falls down on the bed, even if there is more than one person on the bed, it has no effect, and now he is snoring loudly. Liu Ji Nu slept on the side of the wall. He opened his eyes wide, but only saw the dark wall. The fabric of the thin quilt on the body is not good, but it feels soft and comfortable, with the smell of sunlight. The first day he came to Lan's home, he thought he would have difficulty sleeping, but in fact, he fell asleep quickly in the sound of Lan Lang's snoring, which was similar to noise. In the east wing next door, Xianghe listened to the silence and groped for a small oil lamp on the table.
The dim light of the oil lamp shook away the darkness around it and illuminated the small room. Xianghe put his right palm into the light and looked at the palm with a depressed face. As early as dinner, she felt the palms burning, like being roasted by a small candle, the burning pain was not, but it was really unbearable, but because of Lan Langzhong and Liu Ji Nu, she had to endure it first. At this moment, under the lamplight, I saw that in the middle of my right palm, where there was a big nail scar, a light green leaf pattern gradually emerged. It is the most common oblong leaf, with obtuse tip, clear veins, and the lower petiole just in line with the middle finger. At this moment, the petiole and vein are slightly bulging like blood vessels, as if there is some liquid, flowing along the petiole to the vein, and spreading from the vein to the whole leaf. Looking at the abnormal shape of the palm, and then think about its origin, Xianghe frowning can simply kill flies. When Xianghe was five years old, Lan Langzhong took her to the south as a traveling doctor. When practicing medicine, they usually traveled between villages and towns, rarely went to the mountains and forests, and stayed in inns or farmhouses at night. It happened that I was so unlucky that I didn't see a village until it was dark. It began to rain again. Lan Langzhong was afraid that Xianghe would get sick, so he held her in his arms to speed up his journey. But he made a mistake in his hurry and went the wrong way. Instead of finding the village, he strayed into the vast mountains. After wandering around in the mountains and finding that he had completely lost his way, Lan Langzhong had to give up his journey and find a tree hole with Xianghe to get in and spend the night. When they woke up the next day, they found that the sky had cleared up and they were in a valley like a paradise. In late autumn, the grass outside the valley has already withered, but the valley is still lush and green. Everywhere you can see flowers in full bloom, bees and butterflies dancing, green vines hanging down from the high cliff, like a green waterfall, dense fog seems to wind around the valley, no human voice,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, no animal language, only chirping birds, faint insects singing. It's like a fairyland. Lan Langzhong and Xianghe were stunned for a moment. monalisa.com
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