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Magic Guide Armed _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel Par (13th Jan 23 at 12:35am UTC)
Seeing his daughter nodding, the old man was a little stunned, and Adi urged at the right time, "No one knows yet." We don't have much time. You'd better come with us quickly and pick us up out of the city. "Good!" Scarlett's father took out his sword and didn't want anything. He had to protect his wife. Scarlett's father knew what a disaster it would be for the whole family to kill such a noble young master as Daudet. There would be no fair trial. The whole family would be buried for the dandy. Even at this time, he did not have time to ask his daughter how he got into trouble with Daudet. With Artie's help, Scarlett's family escaped, of course, very quickly. Adi once asked the magic guide group to help him make several magic guide flying machines. In addition to the magic guide shuttle given to Jenny and a magic guide suspension flying car given to Alan, there were at least five vehicles that had not been used. Adi wanted Scarlett's family to be as low-key as possible, because a carriage was taken from the space warehouse of the Magic Emperor, which was pulled by eight mechanical horses according to the most luxurious specifications, and could accommodate more than twenty people in the carriage. In addition to pulling the mechanical war horse is specially handled, if not close in, pull out a few hairs to look closely, is not a real war horse. Even the carriage itself is a standing aircraft, after all the mechanical horses have been destroyed, with its own jet power, it can still fly to run out of energy. Adi sent a small bag of energy crystals to Scarlett,tile profile factory, and told her how to operate the two carriages. He would send Scarlett a way, but Adi could not rest assured that the imperial capital had not found out the giant spirit of destruction. Who knows if he would flee to the Fire Dragon Principality? For the sake of Carrie's safety, Adi also summoned his two bodyguards, Mattihei and Trasimeno, to protect Scarlett's family at any time. A: While trying to do these things, Arendak,stainless steel tile edging, who had been warned by Adi, also found his father and told him the whole story about the destruction of the giant spirit. Cassius, who had been somewhat cynical, suddenly became serious after hearing the news of the destruction of the giant spirit. Coincidentally, when Alan found his father, Cassius was spending the night with the sister of the Black Knight of this generation. The lady was as knowledgeable as any scholar. She immediately understood the seriousness of the matter and said to Cassius, "Your father and son had better leave the imperial capital immediately. I'm going to report to the elders of the family. I'm afraid our four families can't get away from this." I can't leave with you. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have always appeared as the patron saint of the Jin Dynasty. In times of crisis, the four families could not escape like ordinary people. Although the lady failed to compete for the position of Black Knight, she was still willing to fight to protect the country. Cassius patted his son on the head and said in a low voice, "I am not a good father, nor a good lover, but as a citizen of the empire, as the first lover of the imperial capital, aluminium tile trim profiles ,aluminum tile edge trim, I have an obligation to protect my woman.". You run away with Artie! "Hello!"! Dad, at this time, you are so heroic, do you want to move Aunt Chiati, so that she can promise to play with you some tricks that you don't usually have? Father, you are so lascivious that I see your lower part sticking up again. Cassius is bohemian, in this kind of thing is not very hidden from his son, Alan as the only person who can influence Cassius, in front of his father's women, also has a high popularity. Chiati's boudoir was open to the father and son, and even when Alan found his father, they were disheveled. Cassius did not expect his son to say such a sentence, although he was very thick-skinned, but also could not help laughing, back to touch Chiati's smooth skin, but was the generation of black knight's sister, severely pinched. I don't have what it takes, but I have to protect Fernandez.
Good luck, Father! The news brought by Adi soon swept over the senior officials of the imperial capital, the great nobles and the high officials of the empire, all of whom knew the terrible news. Even some of them got the images sent back by the dark army and knew the horror of destroying the giant spirit. But the steel rock that set off the storm, but now there is no consciousness, after his business group into the city, delivered the goods, no longer need him this kind of coolie porter. After all, this kind of power work is done everywhere, and people can be hired at will. Of course, these idlers will not be raised at ordinary times. Steel rock in the unemployed, soon thought of looking for another job, he saw the power and prestige of nuke in the business group, put the goal of the next job, on joining a business group to do bodyguards, although the destruction of the giant spirit is born with the ability to fight, but steel rock believe that they learn human martial arts is also very fast, because he did not need to practice hard. As long as you get the knack, you can simulate the fighting spirit of human beings. These are easy things for the giant spirit of destruction. WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Eighteen, aunt Di tried very hard to arrange everything, but he did not know what kind of results he had done. Adi had tried every means to inform the people he knew well in the city, but he was not sure whether they could avoid the disaster. The only good thing is that after moving to the command tower of the destruction legion, the support for him has increased a lot. At the same time,stainless steel tile trim, the doomsday workshop also allows Adi to have more abundant magic guides to use. Originally, he was worried about being seen, the origin of those magic guides in the treasure of the six emperors and the big stone Dynasty. But now Artie doesn't have to worry about that at all. jecatrims.com
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