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The age of idols (13th Jan 23 at 12:35am UTC)
Hearing Han Geng's answer, Li Zhengyu fell silent for a moment. Watch the stage follow the SUPER. The members of JUNIOR danced with Kim Hee-chul, and Lee Jung-woo suddenly felt very small. If I were in Kim Hee Chul's position, would I perform on stage? He asked himself secretly, and Li Zhengyu found that he could not achieve the level of Kim Hee-chul. If it is only some minor injuries, Li Zhengyu will choose to insist. But to the extent of serious injury, Li Zhengyu will never choose to insist. For Li Zhengyu, the road to pursue his music dream is long, and there is no need to gamble on the future for a short time. In fact, Lee Jung-woo can also understand Kim Hee-chul's idea. Competition in the South Korean entertainment industry is already fierce, and the speed of renewal is also very fast: perhaps today is still the focus of attention, and tomorrow no one may be interested? Of course, Kim Hee Chul's performance is also the so-called dedication of the industry. From a certain point of view, Li Zhengyu is not a particularly dedicated artist. With SUPER. JUNIOR's performance is over and the awards continue. After two awards were presented again, it was Li Zhengyu's turn to perform on the stage. As soon as he appeared on the stage, Li Zhengyu's "gem" cheered. For the'gems',alumina c799, it is not so easy to meet Li Zhengyu, who is going to Japan for development. Although XING has not announced the abandonment of the Korean market, since the conflict between Li Zhengyu and ANTI, XING has reduced Li Zhengyu's exposure in Korea. Especially after Li Zhengyu went to Japan to participate in the shooting of movies and TV dramas, this is the first time that Li Zhengyu has returned to Korea to participate in activities. Standing on the stage, as the prelude of the music sounded, Li Zhengyu slowly sang "I will come back". In the choice of singing songs,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, Li Zhengyu was quite entangled before. Originally, Li Zhengyu planned to sing the song "It's Lonely". After all, this song helped Li Zhengyu become very popular at the beginning of the year, especially for Li Zhengyu to get social recognition. But considering the response to Gem, the fact that the song "I Will Come Back" is currently sweeping the K-pop online charts and is in the stage of popularity, and the expectation of Gem for the song "I Will Come Back", Li Zhengyu finally chose "I will come back". In fact, in this kind of music award ceremony, the best choice is dance music and other music. But Li Zhengyu has been taking the lyrical route since his debut as a SOLO singer, so naturally he will not choose songs like dance music. Although singers who take the lyric route in Korea are not easy to become popular, singers who really have the strength to sing and excellent songs are relatively easy to become popular. Of course, ceramic igniter electrodes ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, there is another important reason for Li Zhengyu to take the lyrical route: XING Company does not have a professional dance troupe. [Volume III STAR Chapter 017 Film Promotion] "Sorry, I can't come to see you.." With his fingers pressing the buttons on his cell phone, Lee Jung-woo edited the text message and sent it to Kim Tae-yeon. For Kim Tae-yeon, Lee Jung-woo felt a little guilty. It's not that he did something sorry for Kim Tae-yeon, but that Lee Jung-woo was not qualified as Kim Tae-yeon's boyfriend. But Li Zhengyu also has nothing to do, the artist's work is not stable, less together and more apart is also the fact that there is no change. 'Nothing, feather 'did not let Li Zhengyu wait long, Kim Tae-yeon's reply text message arrived in Li Zhengyu's mobile phone. Looking at the text message sent by Kim Tae-yeon, Lee Jung-woo sighed softly. Lee Jung-woo knows Kim Tae-yeon very well. Although at this time can not see Kim Tae-yeon, but Lee Jung-woo also know that Kim Tae-yeon's heart must be a little disappointed. 'Come On in Japan, FIGHTING. 'Before Li Zhengyu edited the text message, the mobile phone received the text message from Kim Tae-yeon again. Looked at the text message sent by Kim Tae-yeon, felt Kim Tae-yeon's concern for himself, Li Zhengyu's face could not help showing a smile. Although Kim Tae-yeon's character is a little nagging, Lee Jung-woo sometimes enjoys Kim Tae-yeon's nagging.
"Zheng Yu, what are you so happy about?" Inadvertently seeing the smile on Li Zhengyu's face, Park Chengjun felt a little confused. Although Lee Jung-woo has won many awards at the MKMF Ballad Awards, Park Sung-jun has never seen Lee Jung-woo so happy. At this time, Li Zhengyu was so happy that Park Chengjun was quite curious for a while. Nothing, suddenly thought of something.. Hearing Piao Chengjun's words, Li Zhengyu looked up at Piao Chengjun. The smile on his face was somewhat restrained, and Li Zhengyu did not intend to tell Park Chengjun. Casually perfunctory Park Sung-jun, Lee Jung-woo bowed his head and picked up his cell phone. We'll be at the airport soon, so put your phone away.. See Lee Jung-woo is not willing to say, Park Sung-jun also did not ask: "After all, everyone has their own and secret.". And Lee Jung-woo get along for so long time, Park Sung-jun also know Lee Jung-woo's character: If Lee Jung-yu is willing to say, he will tell him. Looking at Li Zhengyu looking down at his cell phone, Park Chengjun was still a little curious. Gently raised his head to Li Zhengyu's side closer, Park Chengjun's eyes floated to Li Zhengyu's mobile phone. Did not see clearly the content on the screen of Li Zhengyu's mobile phone, Park Chengjun just saw clearly the word'Yan '. However, Piao Chengjun, who was bored for a while, ignited the fire of gossip. After opening his mouth, Park Sung-jun finally did not ask. Park Sung-jun also knows about Lee Jung-woo's relationship with Kim Tae-yeon. It is reasonable to say that as Lee Jung-woo's agent, Park Sung-jun should stop Lee Jung-woo's relationship with Kim Tae-yeon. However, Park Chengjun,cordierite c520, who knew Lee Jung-woo, did not express any opinion on this, and even helped Lee Jung-woo conceal it from XING. I don't know how long I can hide it in the end? But Park Sung-jun chose to do so. global-ceramics.com
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