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Wudang System _ 20200215155403. (13th Jan 23 at 12:24am UTC)
Fang Lin looked at Nanshan. It was a good place, but it was obvious that the place chosen was not as good as Wudang. The peaks of Wudang were very good. It was strange that they were not chosen. Throughout the month, Fang Lin and Li Gongming have been looking for news of Hua Gong, but recently it seems to have disappeared, and there has been no result for a month. This month, Wudang is still developing rapidly, and there are not a few people who have made breakthroughs. Xingyiquan has also become popular to a certain extent. Fang Lin later chose the ordinary lottery and drew a crown. Now, all the equipment is basically ready. Fang Lin whisk in the hand, this has the effect of pretending to force, with a good. Fang Lin smiled and set foot on Nanshan. At this moment, the conference is about to begin, the general school, it is estimated that has arrived, there are two hours, is the beginning of the conference. Fanglin brought some people this time. Du Lei took the initiative to follow, Fang Lin did not mind, there is Ao Qingyang, Sanquan, Fang Hua, Song yuanqiao, Yu Daiyan. This is basically all the high-end forces of Wudang. Of course, there are a lot of formal disciples, as well as lay disciples, about fifty people. Sanfeng Saint, in fact, some disputes in Jianghu will not be handled by the holy religion, because after all,outdoor hot tub, the holy religion is powerful and no one can resist it. However, since Sanfeng Saint is a saint of Wudang, it is another matter. Fang Lin nodded slightly, and what Du Lei said was very clear. Inside the Nanshan Sword Sect, the martial arts training ground was already full of people, all from the major schools in Hubei, and Mo yuanshan was also standing in the middle at the moment. The following people began to discuss, Jiuji Taoist is present in addition to Li Gongming, the only existence that can be compared with Mo yuanshan. He stood up and said, "Master Mo,endless swimming pool, I want to ask you a question. Why are you waiting for me at this moment?" Mo yuanshan looked around at everyone. He laughed and said, "Of course it's business!" "As we all know, most of the local rivers and lakes have their own leaders, but I, Hubei Wulin, have no leaders!" Mo yuanshan said in a deep voice. He used his internal force, and all the people present heard it clearly. In fact, this so-called leader, we all know, is Mo yuanshan and Jiuji Taoist two people in the fight. The Beggars' Sect is only a sub-rudder here, and it is not qualified to fight for it. What's more, the Beggars' Sect is a big school in Wulin, and it will not stick to the first place in a province. Jiuji Taoist began to look bad. The reason why there is no leader in Hubei Wulin in Hubei is that the Jiugong Sect and the Nanshan Sect are almost the same. They form their own cliques and have no results. Mo yuanshan said, "How about electing the leader of Hubei Wulin today?" Mo yuanshan looked at Jiuji Taoist, and his eyes were not without provocation. Jiuji Taoist's face became more and more ugly, and Mo yuanshan was so confident. All along, the two are the number of five, at this moment, he is so confident, american hot tub ,5 person hot tub, can suppress all the people? Did he break through? No, it's still the same. Congenital metaphase, want to break through, too difficult, a lot of people have been stuck here for a lifetime. Looking at all the disciples of the Nanshan Sect, many of them were cocky, as if their own sect was already the first in Hubei. Others, on the other hand, keep their heads down and don't know what they are thinking. The big factions below began to talk. Things came too suddenly, and the preparation was not enough. It's really inappropriate to force yourself to take sides so soon. "I think Master Mo is more suitable," said one of the masters. "I think the Jiuji Taoist is more suitable!" Generally speaking, there are only two views, Jiuji Taoist and Mo yuanshan. Choose one of the two schools. It seems that only they are qualified. Everyone is staring at Li Gongming. The Beggars' Sect is also very powerful. His opinion plays an important role! However, Li Gongming did not speak. Mo yuanshan took one look at everyone, and he looked coldly at those who supported the Jiuji Taoist. Mo yuanshan said in a muffled voice, "The people of all the major factions should have arrived. Then, let's start issuing opinions in a unified way." Is everyone here? Mo yuanshan, my holy religion has not come yet, you dare to start ahead of time, how can you call poor Daoqing? A clear voice resounded through the whole martial arts training ground. The voice was not loud, but it could be heard clearly.
Coming, it is Wudang Zhang Sanfeng! More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. The second volume I call the fate of Chapter 129 congenital late strong. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: September 15, 2012 10:23:23 Words in this chapter: 3439 As the clear voice sounded, there was a commotion in the crowd. This is Zhang Sanfeng, the head of Wudang! Fang Lin walked slowly into the crowd and looked at Mo yuanshan with a smile. He said, "Master Mo has invited the Holy Religion. The Holy Religion is very concerned about this. The only ones who have a little weight in Hubei Province are the Helm Leader Du and the Poor Way. So, in order to show their attention, both of us have come." Mo yuanshan has a cloudy face. Originally, he did not want to invite Wudang, after all, Wudang is a small faction, also said in the past. Most importantly, because of Zhang Sanfeng's sensitive identity. If he is invited, not surprisingly, he is a Taoist priest and must stand on the side of Jiuji, not to mention that he looked down on Wudang and Zhang Sanfeng at the beginning, and has been waiting for him coldly. Zhang Sanfeng is a saint of the holy religion, which side he stands on, he vaguely represents the holy religion, the influence is so great that it is hard to imagine! Then, the original balance, perhaps only because of him, will be broken, absolutely unfavorable to himself. So he was not invited at all, and as a result, he came uninvited. Don't get me wrong, Master Mo. The Wudang of the Poor Way is only a small faction of Danjiang, and it is not qualified to attend this meeting. The Poor Way is here on behalf of the Holy Religion. Fang Lin said very well, but anyone with a discerning eye can see the strength of Wudang, followed by the apprentice is congenital, plus the old man, the old man's breath, seems to be stronger than everyone! But Zhang Sanfeng, unexpectedly cannot see through! At the moment, Fang Lin already has the strength of the congenital early stage, that is to say, his concealment,China spa factory, has been able to avoid the eyes of the congenital late stage! If he wants to hide, you can't find him, let alone see through his strength. monalisa.com
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