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Powerful minister's ex-husband after blackening [w (13th Jan 23 at 12:22am UTC)
Qi Xingjian has a good impression on her cousin Bao, who lives at home. She combs Bao's makeup and imitates Bao's behavior, expecting her husband to look at her more. Qi Xingjian became more and more disgusted with her. Xiao Jichun is not reconciled. As a result, she planned to falsely accuse Bao Wei of having a close relationship with Qi Xingjian's brother. It can be imagined that she plotted to lose her reputation and got a letter of divorce from Qi Xingjian. At that time, she was pregnant. The way home is long and long, and the boat is tired. Xiao Jichun had a miscarriage on the way, and finally his body was broken. Shao Lingyuan's daughter died of melancholy. A wisp of resentment will not go away. Xiao Jichun loves Qi Xingjian. She hates him just as much. There were two requirements for Xu Rushi to do the task in those years-let Qi Xingjian fall in love with "Xiao Jichun", and after that, he was in great pain and unforgettable. Xiao Jichun is a customer, although her behavior has some moral flaws, the act of asking someone to help her live again is also quite. Amentia. But the one who gives the task is the uncle. Even though there is no enmity with Qi Xingjian, Xu Rushi is also conscientious to brush his good feeling, deliberately designed to die in front of Qi Xingjian, which he will never forget. Unexpectedly, the system is broken. She actually stayed in the world of the book and met Qi Xingjian again. Qi Xingjian is twenty-nine this year, and "Xiao Jichun" has been dead for ten years. With mixed feelings, Xu Rushi picked up a chopstick of food and was about to send it to her mouth when Chen's mother quickly stopped her: "I can't eat it. I can't eat shrimp and crab.". You'll get a red rash all over your body! Xu Rushi looked down and saw that it was the bright shrimp roasted. There are also jade dew balls on the table, golden and crisp, which look greasy. Perch fillets, sprinkled with fragrant flowers and soft leaves, cut as thin as silk strands,mirror stainless steel sheet, look appetizing, but it is a pity that there are many parasites in wild fish fillets. The apricot cheese is too sour and the shrimp is inedible. With a deep sigh, Xu Rushi scooped up a few spoonfuls of shepherd's purse soup and ate it hastily. He put down his chopsticks and said, "Thank you, Mom, for your advice." Mother Chen smiled and waved her hand, as if remembering something. "Don't mention Chen when you go back to Chang'an," she said in awe. Chen? "My wife is the daughter of Prince Chen of the Prince of Chu." Don't mention it? Isn't this Chen in Chang'an? Seeing that she looked ignorant,304 Stainless Steel Bar, Chen's mother explained in a low voice, "I left in such a hurry that I didn't have time to take Chen with me. Chen disappeared in Chang'an." Xu Ru was horrified and surprised. Five years ago, the rebels broke through Changan, burning and looting, Chen a weak woman's fate can be imagined. In the book, my cousin Bao Wei was originally a naive and kind young lady. She was humiliated in the chaos of Chang'an and was saved by Xu Yu, the Prince of Zhao. Then she made up her mind to be a queen and a man. I see Seeing that Xu Rushi knew so much, Chen's mother was quite gratified. She patted Xu Rushi's hand intimately and said, "My wife is sensible." Xu looked at her like this, and there was always something strange in his heart. Although it was a reminder, she could not help feeling uncomfortable when she mentioned Xu Bodhi's missing mother face to face, let alone a young girl. At noon, the sun was strong, and when she was repairing, she was dragged by Shen's mother to thank Qi Xingjian. The Duke and the king of the county belong to the first grade, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,304 stainless steel wire, and the head of the county is in the second grade. Naturally, he is half short. Qi Xingjian has great military exploits, and Xu Rushi has not been conferred a title, so his status is not as good as his. In March, the scorching sun is mild, and the peach blossoms beside the official road are full of spring. Before I entered, through the gap in the black curtain, I saw Qi Xingjian standing with his hands on his back. He was dressed in a purple robe with a round collar and a tall body. As he grew older, the gloom between his handsome eyebrows and eyes was worn away by the years, adding a bit of dignity. Xu Ru can't help but be in a trance. Qi Xingjian really didn't want to make progress when he was young. He was the legitimate son of his family. His mother died early, and he was not liked by his father. He was also indulgent, and he was not good at poetry and books, so he would fight cocks and horses, frivolous and dissolute. This Dynasty is based on purple, green and blue. Where did he deserve to wear purple clothes in those days? But he was a bold man who often overstepped his authority in purple. Xu Ru was the first to laugh with him. Later, she went back to her mother's home, the Xiao family in Jinling, to attend a banquet. Her mother's family did not stop her because it was too simple to travel together, so they drew a curtain to separate her from the outside. When Qi Xingjian went to pick her up, his face was terrible. When he went back, although he didn't like to read the books of Jinshi and Mingjing, he asked Xu Rushi to read the art of war and history books to him.
Xu Ru-shi laughed at him and said, "You work so hard. Are you afraid that I won't even get the title of the eighth grade, and that I'll be excluded from the banquet?" Qi Xingjian was only an official of the eighth grade. His father and family were more optimistic about his steady cousin. He was young, but he won the second grade of Jinshi. Qi Xingjian stared at her and said, "a certain family doesn't want to be outdone by Da Lang." Later, he went to the military examination without telling her, and when he failed, he was afraid that she would be disappointed. In the book, he died in the rebellion because he went to save the heroine Bao. Now he is alive and well, and he is in a high position. He is dressed in purple, and he is very promising. But it has nothing to do with her. She tidied up her mood and led Shen's mother over. The Marquis of Yu was talking to Qi Xingjian about the battle situation at the front: "The King of Chu and the Duke of the State have been withdrawn, and they have no status as marshals of the world's military forces. Among the eight military governors, no one is convinced.". General Xu wanted to send troops to attack the city, but Ma Jiedushi felt that it was better to besiege the rebels and wait for work. Qi Xingjian pinched a string of Bodhi beads and said lightly, "Where is the supervisor sent by the sage?" The Marquis of Yu sneered, "Yanzhao Jianer is full of vigor and vitality. Who is willing to be ruled by eunuchs?"? This battle will be lost. Seeing Xu Rushi coming over, Qi Xingjian stopped him. The Marquis of Yu folded his fists and said, "How are you, Lord of the county?" According to Chen's mother, this Yu Hou's name was Li Changgeng. He was originally a knight-errant, and he was quite chivalrous. Mother Shen had previously entrusted the hairpin to him. Later, when the roving bandits attacked Chen Fu, Li Changgeng asked Qi Xingjian's soldiers to save him, which led him into this matter. If Xu came out smoothly, he would also rely on his contribution. Xu Rushi said hello to him by the way: "Qi Gongan is good, Li Junan is good." Qi Xingjian's eyes fell on the little lady. At the age of twelve or thirteen, she looks like a beautiful woman,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, but she is still young, and the red flowers between her eyebrows are burning, which is too rich and gorgeous. My wife is well. I heard that Niangzi only used half a bowl of shepherd's purse soup to eat in the morning. Is it not appetizing? 。 sxthsteel.com
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