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Earth killer (13th Jan 23 at 12:14am UTC)
"Do you think you can beat me?" Said Wu Yuntian. Sang Yi said with a smile, "The third person of Jupiter is not something I can foresee.". I don't think I'm sure I can beat you, but today's fight is a foregone conclusion. Wu Yuntian was a little surprised and asked, "Since you don't think you are my opponent, why do you still want to fight with me?" Sang Yi said, "I am a man who will not give up until I reach the Yellow River. I will never go back until you defeat me." Wu Yuntian smiled and said, "Since you insist on doing so, I have no choice but to accompany you.". But if I defeat you, please promise me one request. Sang Yi said, "If I surrender to Jupiter, I will not agree." "No, that's not what I mean. I just want you to leave Jupiter and not go to Jingxing to work for Tianxia." Sang Yi said, "Jin Jingxing, I want to go anyway, but I won't work for them. Even if you don't say, I won't.". My two wives are on the Golden Star. I don't want them to stay on that planet. "All right, it's a deal." Sang Yi said, "Can you also promise me a request?" Wu Yuntian smiled bitterly: "Do you also have a request?" Sang Yi stepped forward and said, "If you lose, please tell me where the devils are hiding." "What a big breath!" Wu Yuntian's face turned ugly and he said coldly, "Don't say lose. Even if we are tied,fine bubble diffuser, I would like to tell you where the Star Lord is hiding." Sang Yi's face changed. Wu Yuntian was a very strong man. He knew it very well. From the tone of his voice, we can see that he thinks he will win. However, the blood in Sang Yi's body is coming out. Perhaps the real opponent touched too little, he did not feel that he was a loser? The agreement between the two sides is clear, and the competition should begin immediately. But Wu Yuntian was still sitting on the throne and had no intention of moving. Does he not want to leave the throne and fight with him? Then it's too arrogant! After a long time, Sang Yicai said, "Lord, please take a seat." Wu Yuntian smiled and said,rapid sand filters, "I can't move my legs. What's the difference if I don't sit down?" Sang Yi's face changed greatly, and he did not expect that he was a disabled man. Are his legs really broken? He can't be sure. Ask the Lord to do it first! Sang Yi said. Wu Yuntian said with a sneer, "Sang Yi, don't be too arrogant. If I make a move, I'm afraid I'll settle you within three strokes. You'd better use your sword." He was so confident that Sang Yi certainly didn't want to say anything more. Wu Yuntian said to himself that his legs had been broken, and he did not want to attack his lower part, so that others would not say that he was looking for other people's weaknesses to fight, and that it would be disgraceful to win. Wu Yuntian had no weapons, and Sang Yi could not use his sword. So he flew over and punched, and his punch hit Wuyuntian's head fast and accurately. He did not see Wuyuntian dodge, but when a punch passed, it did not hit, Wuyuntian's head did not know when to deviate. His flash work is too fast. Sang Yiquan turned into a palm and swept it over, aiming at the neck of the dark cloud sky. But the dark clouds suddenly twisted the throne, and the man and the throne flew up and whirled in the air. . No Chapter 215 Infamy (Last Updated: 2006-02-03, Lamella Plate Settler ,lamella tube, Hits: 23) Without physical strength, the throne will not fly with him. Sang Yi was shocked. He flew over quickly and hit him again with one punch. But Wu Yuntian did not move, sitting where he was, and his punch hit him in the left chest. Punch down, the dark clouds do not change color, but with a grim smile, the palms instantly pushed over. Before the palm arrived, the palm wind arrived first. A strong wind blew over, which made Sang Yi instantly understand that Wuyuntian had pushed out two palms to himself. The two palms gathered the heaven and earth of Wuyuntian, pushing Sang Yi's hair to the sky, and his whole body backwards. Fortunately, he had a brainwave, otherwise the two palms would definitely be hit hard. Sang Yi did not know what kind of palm he used, but he knew that the strength of the palm was the most powerful in the world. Avoiding a blow, Sang Yi immediately felt that as the third figure of Jupiter, it was by no means unique. Just now he hit the past, the other side did not respond at all, and others hit the past, the effect is obvious.
Flying to the dark sky, he kicked him again, kicking him in the head. Sitting on the throne, Wu Yuntian held out a finger and touched his flying foot, which made his foot feel very painful. One Finger Zen? Sang Yi thought, isn't this the one-finger Zen that I also know? The one-finger Zen of the dark cloud angel was more powerful than the one-finger Zen he used, and even the kick he kicked was pointed at. Sang Yi immediately stopped his feet, spun around in midair, and pushed out another palm, which was aimed at the ears of the dark sky. The human ear is a vulnerable part of the body. Wu Yuntian didn't expect Sang Yi to deal with this part. He was still on guard against any moves. He put his palms down and took the claws of Sang Yi. Touching with both paws and palms, Sang Yi felt that his strength was not enough. He retreated and made dozens of somersaults in the air, with fireworks coming out of his hands. The strength of the other side is tens of thousands of times stronger than me, so we must use infinite energy. Thinking of this, he immediately put his hands together, spun several times in the air, and saw flashes of light on his golden clothes. There is no doubt that his physical strength has increased. When Wu Yuntian saw the light shining on Sang Yi's right hand, he obviously knew that the Eight Diagrams on his right hand he had just displayed had played a role. At this time, he was surprised to learn that Sang Yi had once again increased his physical strength, and it was more difficult to deal with him. It was now or never. He couldn't be killed. He struck first, so he took the initiative to attack. Two palms split the head of Sang Yi. He wanted to decide the fate of the universe with one palm. However, Sang Yi had been prepared, and the infinite energy was ready. It was his right hand that hit him with one palm. Wu Yuntian saw the other side out of the palm, and he was the most powerful palm, then hard to take the past, a ground-breaking loud noise, shaking the eardrums of everyone in the three wood hall. On the palm, lightning, two people's whole body has become transparent, visible to see the skeleton of the whole body. After the palm spell, Wu Yuntian immediately stepped back dozens of steps,Rotating sludge scraper, his face was blue, and the throne on his buttocks was shaking. Sang Yi also retreated a few steps, but his face was obviously better than that of Wuyuntian. khnwatertreatment.com
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