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First Pharmacist (13th Jan 23 at 12:14am UTC)
After making an appointment to meet Yuecheng and Onion White at the White Jade Tower in the city, Ye Lanlan called a pot of tea and sat by the window waiting for them to come. Bored, she had to break her fingers to figure out what she should do next. As she calculated, she suddenly heard a sound of contention coming from the street below, and the sound was getting louder and louder. Ye Lanlan looked down out of the window and found that the middle of the road had been blocked by dozens of people, some of whom were the guys she had seen robbing them today. But unlike the situation just now, this time, the team seems to be divided into two sides, one side is the last assassin to die, and his opposite is not only his four teammates, but also a large group of his teammates'backup. Ha ha, this just how long began to fight in the nest! Ye Lanlan raised her chin with interest and pricked up her ears to listen to what the two sides were quarreling about. The man who spoke first was the burly warrior in the group just now. His name was Xingshui. He carried an ice-blue broadsword on his back. With an angry look on his face, he scolded the assassin: "Wuying, you are too dark. We all made a lot of efforts. If it weren't for us, could the mage and the hunter hang up?"? For this reason, we all lost one level, but you swallowed the booty alone, isn't it too unkind! You have to give us an explanation for this today, or don't blame me for being rude! Next to the hunter wearing cloth armor also echoed: "Yes, Wuying, don't think that you are so powerful that we can't do anything about you. Hum, our four heroes are not easy to mess with. Just hand over your things quickly. Otherwise,rotary vacuum disc filters, you should be careful in the wild in the future!" The assassin called Wuying glanced at them impatiently and said coldly, "I didn't take it!"! I was killed by the sorceress, and everything was picked up by her! "Damn, you still refuse to admit it. Hum, I saw the wizard die with my own eyes. They didn't have a priest. How could she get up and rob the things that the Silver Tiger King dropped? Do you really think we are all fools?" "When the hunter saw that he had insisted that he had got nothing, he could not help being angry and scolded in a dirty way." You're right, she just stood up and hit me behind my back! No image is not to hear his taunt, a methodical way. The people on the opposite side were angry half to death,Mechanical fine screen, but this was the city, and those people could not help him. There was no other way but to scold their mother, have a mouth addiction, and show off their strong tongue. Ye Lanlan saw the confrontation between the two sides could not help but burst out laughing, that is really interesting, no matter what the other side said, he was a serious answer, the pile of people to be angry half to death. Although with his own body to dozens of times the enemy, he did not fall behind at all, but also a fierce figure in the war of words. Why did you call us? What are you laughing at? Seeing Ye Lanlan laughing happily, she ran to her side curiously and looked out of the window. She couldn't help curling her lips and gloating, "What's so funny about this? It's just a group of dogs eating dogs and black eating black!"! Hey hey, that assassin is really good, I hope they will fight! Let them rely on more people to rob our bass, hum, lamella clarifer ,multi disc screw press, deserve it! "Skills are not as good as others, and there is nothing to say!" The moon hesitated and sat gently in the farthest position, saying in an indifferent tone. As soon as compares with the month ponders, the onion silk white immediately appears very stupid, very mean person, this is with a martial arts master and between a mortal who does not understand the kungfu difference, high and low immediately sees. Onion silk white although inherited the Tang Priest's wordy, but did not inherit the Tang Priest's silly strength, he is still very aware of the times, know that no matter in force or in the mouth is not the opponent of the moon, had to be wronged to curl his mouth, sit on one side and say nothing. When Ye Lanlan saw that the shredded scallion had been eaten in vain, she couldn't help laughing aside, and the guy who loved to talk finally met his nemesis. But she's not familiar with these two people, and it's not easy to make fun of them, so let's get down to business. Ye Lanlan put the things he had dropped on the table one by one, and soon they piled up into a hill.
"Hey, this, these things, are these things dropped by the Silver Tiger King? What that guy said is true. Things were really picked up by you. Dian Lan, I clearly saw you hang up?"? What's going on? Tell me quickly, and did you kill that guy? Onion white was stunned, and soon returned to his nature and began to nag. Ye Lanlan full head black line, this guy asked so many questions in one breath, let her answer which one! "Idiot!" Moon hesitated and gave a white look at the fussy onion silk. Without saying much, she pointed to the mage's equipment and skill book that bass had dropped. "I've learned Hellfire. The skill book is for you. How about the equipment belongs to me?" How can the blue suit of level 25 be compared with the skill book? When it comes to the auction house, the price difference between the two is more than ten times. Ye Lanlan naturally understands that Yue Shen intended to give her the skill book, because she finally brought the pile of things back. The month ponders this person is really good, the operation is good, the character is not bad, just Ye Lanlan also needs the skill book, did not refuse with her, nodded: "Good, thank you, the most valuable skill book belongs to me, the rest of the things I do not want, you two divided on the line!" Three people divided things together out of the white jade building, only to see the dispute between the two sides outside the white jade building is still continuing. As soon as she came down the steps, she was caught by the priest in the procession. She waved her hand and shouted, "Hey, where are the three men? Let's ask them. If we confront them, we'll know where they went." Her call succeeded in attracting everyone's attention. Xingshui frowned and looked at the shadowless man with a soft and hard face. He brazenly stepped forward and said, "Did you pick up the thing that the silver tiger king dropped just now?" Said to ask a team, but his eyes have been spinning on Ye Lanlan. Hum, silver tiger king ah, "onion silk white just want to speak, Ye Lanlan interrupted him, horizontal water one eye,MBR reactor, said angrily," you still have the face to mention silver tiger king with us! Today we are not as good as others. Don't let me meet you playing bass next time, or don't blame me for giving him a taste of his own medicine! 。 khnwatertreatment.com
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