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Splendid Heroes (Part 7) Before Sunrise + Fanwai b (5th Jan 23 at 12:39am UTC)
The steam condensed into drops of water on the foggy glass and rushed out of the shutters. Lin Yanchen asked the orderly to take a big clean towel and a change of clothes, and handed them in one by one. Ling Han shook his hair and the drops of water on his body like a leopard, and quickly wiped his body: "Don't say, the wolf tooth is quite qualified, almost let them go down." "Who won?" "The first and second are all ours, but they have the advantage of being familiar with the terrain. The individual level of Wolf Tooth is average, and the team is very good. On the contrary, it is easy to cooperate with others without being picky." The hair dryer whirred, and Ling Han said loudly that he had not forgotten to steal time to give his lover a kiss. This kind of very homely feeling appears in the special forces eldest brother office, lets Lin Yanchen have a kind of strange warmth: "The eldest brother wants to pull the exercise, who wins?" Ling Han began to wear regular clothes and tie skillfully. It took him less than 15 minutes to transform into another person: "I even want to bet on wolf teeth.". You know, chess can not meet the opponent, is a great sorrow in life, but the solitary defeat really lost, is also a very depressing thing. The little soldier who was punished on the playground sweated profusely and got up from the joy of counting 100. He hobbled to the equipment warehouse to register and return his load. Lin Yanchen and Ling Han enjoyed a pleasant breakfast both physically and mentally. They did not know that the so-called contest with Wolf Tooth was just a warm-up match today. Jiang Yang's ideal small-scale multi-level exercise was finally completed in a month of repeated deliberation and planning. Cheng Yihan and Mu Zhaobai quarreled and ignored each other. They spent all their spare time working and took various departments to prepare for a week. Finally, it began to run formally. All projects are in the form of no notice, any unit at any time will receive any place of the target and plan,aluminium laminated tube, each plan is linked to each other, if one unit is not completed well, it will involve several other units, this method of both prosperity and loss virtually makes the communication and cooperation of various departments more smoothly, at the same time, if the previous task is not completed,polyfoil tube, it will be. Unable to activate the new task, Cheng Yihan said with emotion that it was really like a video game, but also extremely save CPU resources. Amber eyes of the commander was praised, naturally very proud, a full ten days of all kinds of realistic projects, has maintained a very happy mood, seems to have forgotten before and marshal a belly of resentment. Wolf tooth Peng Yao is not in such a good mood, every day on the lips in addition to a "speed", but also more than a "dare to lose face I will destroy you", make the wolf tooth to participate in the simulation of various units have a kind of hero gone forever sad, because their tough boss dare to say dare to do, wolf tooth is the legend of the imperial special forces, empty cosmetic tubes ,plastic cosmetic tubes, although after the appearance of the flying leopard, It became "one of the legends", but this honor had to be defended to the death, especially Peng Yao, the boss, who would show an evil look of gnawing bones whenever Jiang Yang was mentioned. The first simulation that Langya participated in was logistics transportation and medical services, including many small projects such as oil pipeline links, supply distribution and rescue. The logistics work of the Flying Leopard Division has always been a model for the whole army. The wolf tooth was very unhappy when it was crushed. Although Jiang Yang sincerely praised their excellent mobile transfer mechanism, Peng Yao was very unhappy to kick all the six platoon leaders who participated in the competition, and then angrily circled the next day's reconnaissance assault project. Reconnaissance assault determines the probability of victory in a battle. Both Jiang Yang and Peng Yao became famous through this project. That evening, when they were sitting on the podium in a friendly way, even Xu Yahui and Cheng Yihan looked at each other politely and introspectively, and accurately conveyed the message "You are waiting to be destroyed" with a fleeting smile. The flying leopard is good at tactics, while the wolf tooth is good at attacking quickly. The fighting methods are completely different, and the effect is immediate. Later, the command platform has been surrounded by a T stage regardless of class units. The real-time transmission of the battle situation on the screen is enough for the students of the military Academy to take it as a subject. Peng Yao bared his teeth and brandished his claws and shouted into the microphone: "Very good!"! Destroy him! Regardless of the object of destruction, he was sitting opposite with a calm expression, ready to destroy him. In the end, the smoking soldiers on both sides accounted for the absolute majority, sitting neatly in three rows on both sides of the field to watch the battle, which should have been a quick assault was infinitely extended into a war of attrition.
In order to maintain their strength for the time being, both sides refused to attack rashly and confronted each other in boredom for about ten minutes. A big yawn from Peng Yao prompted Jiang Yang to stand up and shake hands with him: "It's very rewarding. This exercise is very worthwhile." The meaning is, don't fight, just make a draw, and it's time to go home for dinner. It was getting dark, and Xu Yahui's red hair was turned into a dark orange by the light. When she was about to give the order, Peng Yao pulled her neck and said, "It's not good to disperse without a result, is it?" Jiang Yang said with a smile, "It's not a real battlefield to win or lose. The purpose is to train and achieve it.". The soldiers were tired after a day's hard work. Peng Yao squinted at his opponent and sighed contemptuously from his throat: "It's really boring. I can't afford to play at this time." The commander with amber eyes would not be angry about this little thing. He ignored it with a gentle smile. Just as he was about to announce the end of the virtual state, he saw a brave wolf tooth soldier jump out of the trench. In an instant, he was turned into a sieve by a simulated bullet, with blood-red gas all over his body, like a big monster. The man went to the middle of the field and roared, "The disabled are in single digits. Why don't you stop?" Jiang Yang listened to the voice and knew who it was. He couldn't help laughing and angry. He hurriedly asked the units to clean up the mess. The man tore off the camouflage headgear. His short sea-blue hair was particularly dazzling. He rushed over in three steps and two steps. While taking a step, he untied a lot of equipment on his body and patted one by one in front of Peng Yao. He was so angry that he patted one by one and scolded: "Do you deserve to be a commander?"? Is it necessary to fight this situation? Don't use a soldier as a submachine gun when fighting with others! A month later, Su Chaoyu was already well versed in the tough wolf tooth's way of survival. The three sentences were full of energy. He was no less tough than Peng Yao, and he was well-founded. Peng Yao was roared out. Xu Yahui was in the middle,pump tube, while enjoying Su Chaoyu's unique charm and maintaining Peng Yao's face: "Boy, don't forget to count the stars on your shoulders." Su Chaoyu said angrily, "It's all one. What's there to count?" It was clearly the difference between a major and a major general. Peng Yao laughed happily and turned to Jiang Yang: "That's.." See you next time? 。 emptycosmetictubes.com
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