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Hong Ying ran into the president of Zhenming. (5th Jan 23 at 12:34am UTC)
If I'm not responsible, why did your father force me to negotiate this deal? If you want to talk about business, why don't you make a lot of money and ask me to sign a loss-making contract? Is it charity for me? Or look down on me? Do you know that the Lin Hsu-huai of today is not the same as the Lin Hsu-huai of five years ago, who only had a studio with 12 employees? A lot of things have changed since you left here three years ago. I don't need you to lose money to talk business with me, do you understand? Bai Ruiqi, I have too many questions about you. What was your intention to approach me at the beginning? What is your intention to come back to me after three years? You let me know that the child exists, but do not want me to be responsible for the intention, what is it?! I haven't questioned you yet. What position do you have to demand my attitude? What do you say? Bai Ruiqi's "attitude" made all the fire that Lin Hsu had been burning in his heart come out of his head, and in an instant there was a loud crackling sound. Compared with the previous sarcastic and indifferent attitude, it was now so intense that people could not resist it. At least, Bai Ruiqi was completely overwhelmed. She sat frozen on the sofa for a long time without making a sound. The air suddenly became stuffy, but it seemed that there was still a trace of gunpowder aftertaste. Lin Xuhuai stared at Bai Ruiqi on the sofa, and after shouting, it took several seconds to turn his head and look at the Taichung city scene that had been completely immersed in the night. He I didn't mean to get so out of control. Bai Ruiqi knew that they could not talk about anything this evening. Even if she could,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, she didn't know what to talk about. Lin Hsu-huai's accusations were all true. When she first approached him, she had ulterior motives; when she talked business with him, she also had ulterior motives. But from the beginning to the end, her only motive was to hope that he would fall in love with her. As for the child, she really had no bad intentions at all, but he would not believe it. She stood up and somehow said she was leaving. When Lin Xuhuai caught a glimpse of her movements out of the corner of his eye,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, his heart had calmed down a lot, and his tone was much calmer. "Did you stop traveling for the sake of your children?" Bai Ruiqi did not know how to answer this question, which had nothing to do with the current atmosphere. "Is it?" Lin Xuhuai moved back his line of sight and stared at Bai Ruiqi, pressing for the answer. "Yes." "Don't you regret it?" Regret? Regret what? "Regret having children." "No regrets." She answered with certainty. Lin Xuhuai approached her, searching her face with a pair of eyes, trying to find a trace of hesitation, but found that in her clear eyes, there was only affirmation. "So you really want to have children?" "Really." He looked at her quietly, with a thoughtful expression, and then said slowly, stainless steel squatting pan ,Self-closing Faucet, "I apologize for the way I spoke loudly just now, but I don't apologize for the content.". About the baby, about you, I need time to think. You go back. Tomorrow morning, I'll find you and the children. Bai Ruiqi, although I am very angry and confused about many things, but. Anyway, thank you for not denying that I am the father. She didn't know how she drove back from Taichung to Yunlin. It wasn't until the car stopped in front of her house that she seemed to recover from a long dream. She exhaled, a little glad that she hadn't had an accident. She was absent-minded the whole way. Bai Ruiqi took out the remote control of the gate and was about to press the switch, but suddenly there were two lights in the darkness. She looked in the direction of the light, and a tall figure came out of the car and walked towards her. The man went to her window and knocked twice. Bai Ruiqi sighed with resignation, then pressed the window and heard: "Good night, goddess of the night." It's Fang Hao-ying. He's been asking her out a lot these days, and she hasn't been able to spare the time to "refuse" him. A few days ago, after having dinner with him, there was a small episode. She really shouldn't let things go on, she should make it clear to Fang Haoying, but. But Lin Xuhuai came! "General Manager Fang, what are you doing here?" I sent a friend to Yunlin and wanted to stop by to see you. I just called your house. Your father said you were out and didn't know when you would be back. I was about to leave when I saw your car. I think I have a little fate with you. Fang Hao-ying's final tone of "meaning something" made Bai Ruiqi unable to answer. "Well.." Do you want to come into my house? No. It's very late, and it's not convenient to go in and disturb.
I'm satisfied to see you. I would be more satisfied if you could make an appointment with me now. She sighed and said, "General Manager Fang, if possible, shall we meet tomorrow evening?" "Sure. I'll pick you up at seven o'clock tomorrow evening." "Don't bother. Your company is in Taichung. It's more convenient for me to drive over and find you. We'll make an appointment." "No, I insist on coming to pick you up." 「…… Even if the reason I'm meeting you tomorrow is to reject you, will you still insist? Of course! This is the least a man should maintain. But I don't think we've even started yet. Why do you want to say no? It doesn't matter. I will keep trying to make you accept me until the end of the date tomorrow. Fang Haoying smiled. "General Manager Fang, don't waste your time on me. You don't understand me." I think it's worth spending time with you. Besides, you didn't give me a chance to understand. I.. He has a two-year-old son. I know, your father just told me. He said that if you want to pursue you, you have to be prepared to be a ready-made father. Your father is an interesting man. I didn't think he was interesting when I did business with him before, but I found out that he is an interesting man tonight. "You.." "If I say I can totally accept Weiwei, do you still want to refuse me?" 「……」 I took your silence for hesitation. If you hesitate, it means that you are struggling; since you are struggling, it means that you like me a little bit, right? All right,Concealed Flush Valve, tomorrow night you can bring Wei Wei, and the three of us will have a date together. You can observe how I get along with Wei Wei first, and then consider whether you can put me on probation for a while? Don't be so quick to dismiss me. 。 cnkexin.com
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