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Confuse the world (5th Jan 23 at 12:33am UTC)
The heart can not help but be moved, Xiao Mo is really loyal to Liu Piaopiao, some jealous of her, but the brain turned several times before remembering, I am now Liu Piaopiao, Liu Piaopiao is me, Xiao Mo is loyal to me, the moment is a little trembling. Where is Qingge? I asked. Green song? Little Mo blinked his sleepy eyes and frowned around the room. "I don't know. Last night I just looked at you and fell asleep. I didn't care about her.". Maybe he went out. He stood up and prepared to go out. I'll go and have a look, Xiao Mo. You can sleep for a while. Said softly, I got up and got out of bed, Xiao Mo did not speak also got up and followed. To the courtyard to see again, there is no shadow of Qingge, Xiao Mo ran to other rooms to check again, or did not find, where did she go? There was a faint feeling of uneasiness in my heart. Would Qingge run out secretly by himself? Didn't she beg me to take her in last night? Why did you run away secretly again? Maybe she just went out to get something of her own. Xiao Mo and I stood in the yard, unable to find the song, Xiao Mo seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe Xiao Mo's voice was very low and light, as if afraid of disturbing my meditation, "Maybe Qingge won't come back, she." Maybe I'm afraid of hurting you. I suddenly looked back at her and stared at her face without blinking. What do you mean? Is there any hidden meaning in these words? Remembering that she was surprisingly quiet yesterday,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, did she already have an idea? She already had an idea of what to do, didn't she? So today Qingge is missing. Is that you? I suddenly asked him, but she didn't say what it was. Xiao Mo seemed to understand, suddenly lowered his head, silent for a long time, looked up at me, "if you think so,Flushometer valve, then regard it as so." Then he quickly lowered his head and stopped looking at me. But I clearly saw a trace of imperceptible pain in her eyes, although it was very short, but I did see, she bowed her head, a drop of tears fell on her hand and melted into her clothes. I'm speechless, aren't I? Could it be? Did I wrong her? But I really can not judge clearly, Qingge left should be her most hope, but the pain in her eyes, how to explain her tears? Time has passed noon, the sun hung high over the yard, looked up, the sun smiled at me, but hurt my eyes. I suddenly remembered a modern poem about the sun. In the morning, you can enjoy Look at my red face. I am a blushing, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,stainless steel toilet, masked bride. Dusk, you can enjoy Look at my red face. I am a free and easy drunk girl. It's only noon I refuse to look straight in the eye. I'll see my eyes burn. Not all wonderful. It's all appreciated. I remember this poem because there was a boy who used this poem to refuse my love for him. He just put a piece of paper with this poem in my hand, smiled at me, and then turned around and floated away. Now that I think about it, she was really floating away at that time, her clothes were flying lightly in the breeze, and her messy broken hair was flying in the setting sun of the red sky. That picture has been fixed in my mind for many years. Unexpectedly, standing under the sky of a foreign country today, bathed in the sunshine that may not be the same sky, I will read this painful poem again like an insect thinking of spring. I don't know if the lovely boy still remembers that he used a poem to break all the beautiful fantasies of a girl about love. Qingge didn't come back until the evening. I knew she wouldn't come back, so why did she beg me to keep her? Let me see those wounds on her body again? Is she really afraid of getting me into trouble? But where can she go? If she really had somewhere else to go, she wouldn't have come to me in the middle of the night. So Where did Qingge go? The heart is a burst of churning, the resentment of Gu Southwest has increased a little, now I have fully accepted the fact that I am no longer Gu Southwest, and I really did not expect that this name that often needs to be on my lips will become the object of my resentment. It makes me hate myself very much. Concubine Liu, Concubine Liu, the Lord is coming.
"Little Mo ran in in a panic, unable to see joy or panic on his face, and came over and grabbed my sleeve, trembling." Here he is at last. Murmur, but the body is motionless, quietly sitting on the bed against the side of the gauze curtain, Xiao Mo pulled my sleeve, meaning that I stand at the door to meet. And I'm still not moving. At this time, I completely forgot that there is an old saying that people have to bow their heads under the eaves. Text 008. Demonic possession Gu Xinan, the bird man, finally appeared. Although I have accepted the fact that he is Gu Southwest, when I curse him, my heart will still skip a beat. Will the person who casts the curse lose his mind and make a mistake about the age, and I will curse the past in pursuit of the new era? Gu Niaoren lifted his feet into the door, his eyes shooting straight at me, without any peripheral vision sweeping elsewhere, cold! Shit.. Play cool for me, don't you just keep a black face and don't speak? So will I. I especially like to call myself a man now. In the past, when I was mistaken for a man, I cried and shouted and repeatedly stressed that I was a woman. Now I am a beautiful woman, and I am shouting that I am a man again. It's hard to figure out. Or a needle in a woman's heart. Sitting upright, absolutely in line with my father's instructions, sitting with a sitting posture, and a very dignified and serious sitting posture. An expressionless face. I'm looking for Qingge. Gu Niaoren went straight to the point. I don't have anyone called Qingge here. Am I right about that? Qingge has gone. I really don't have anyone called Qingge here. But the bird man raised his eyebrows coldly, and his clear eyes turned into thousands of cold lights and inserted them into my body. The lethality was very strong. Obviously, his body had been shot holes, but there was no blood gushing out. What does it mean to kill people without blood? I learned it today. Silence, silence, silence. If you don't explode in silence,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, you will die in silence. Gu Birdman seems to be. It's going to explode. Where is Qingge? Ask again, the voice is colder. I don't know. You are cold and I am also cold, and you are frozen to death. cnkexin.com
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