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Chinese dragon group (5th Jan 23 at 12:28am UTC)
If there is an inside man, dangerous explosives are likely to enter the main stadium quietly before the ticket is checked. It is precisely because of this that the five East Turkistan terrorists entered the stadium with empty tickets. When they arrive at the museum, they should be responsible for handing over the dangerous explosives to them. Volume 18 Chapter 11 Nuclear Crisis (Part Two) Mobile E-book ยท Feiku Net Update Time: 2007-4-27 14:46:00 Number of Words in this Chapter: 9262 "Damn it." Ouyang Xuan clapped his thigh and said in a harsh voice, "Captain He, immediately inform us that all ethnic minority and foreign staff and volunteers in the main hall should gather in the interrogation room.". Also, immediately mobilize the mobile police force to conduct a blanket search of the entire main stadium. However, try not to disturb the audience and distinguished guests from all over the world. "Yes." He Kun nodded and was about to do so. But Lightning said hurriedly, "Ouyang, this is not right.". It is better to evacuate the crowd immediately, inform the distinguished guests of all countries to evacuate, and wait until the danger is eliminated. This is the safest way, otherwise if there is no timely risk elimination, there is a problem, it will be terrible, none of us can afford this responsibility. "No-" Ouyang Xuan flatly refused, with a dignified face: "Now, the whole world is watching China, watching here, if the opening ceremony is temporarily interrupted,plastic pallet suppliers, although insurance is insurance, but how will the world look at China? What do you think of our Chinese security forces? China must not become the laughing stock of the world, and the elimination of risks must be carried out quietly in the dark. 'Lightning 'Gasped at Ouyang Xuan's stubbornness: "Ouyang, you are right, safeguarding the dignity of the country is more important than anything else, but, in case..." Ouyang Xuan resolutely interrupted: "In case,drum spill pallet, I believe we can solve the problem.". Captain Ho, carry out the order. He Kun gritted his teeth and shouted, "Yes." Suddenly he hesitated again and said, "Do you want to report to the headquarters?" It's too late. The opening ceremony will begin in thirty minutes. Most of the spectators and VIPs also entered the stadium. If we don't act quickly and wait for the decision-making from above, maybe everything will be finished. Ouyang Xuan flatly said. Yes He Kun also threw caution to the wind. Immediately use the walkie-talkie to turn on the unified command channel: "Please pay attention to the mobile team and the EOD team. Intelligence shows that there are most likely dangerous explosives hidden in the museum. Commander-in-Chief No.1 orders to immediately go out and conduct a blanket search of the whole museum.". But everything must be done in the dark, without disturbing the audience or the distinguished guests, understand? "Understood, we're on our way." A few voices of affirmation came from the intercom. Then, He Kun turned on the channel of the general monitoring headquarters of the main gymnasium: "Hello.". My name is He Kun, and I received an order from the No.1 commander: It is suspected that there are terrorists among the staff and volunteers in the museum. Therefore, please immediately find an excuse to inform all ethnic minorities and foreign staff and volunteers to gather in the interrogation room without mistake. "Yes, I'll do it right away." The voice of the general monitoring headquarters also became tense. The two conductors have been arranged. What else is there to ask for instructions? He Kun was already sweating profusely, and the tremendous pressure made him breathless. Once a mistake is made, collapsible pallet bin ,ibc spill containment pallet, the lives of nearly 100,000 spectators and VIPs will be in danger. No one can afford this responsibility. You're in charge of holding the terrorists here, and you're in charge of holding the staff and volunteers for a while. Ouyang Xuan ordered. Yes He Kun nodded and shouted, "I promise to finish the task." Ouyang Xuan quickly opened the internal channel: "Dan Feng, Dan Hong, 'Mercury', there is a situation in the museum, there may be dangerous explosives, you immediately put down everything.". Search the whole museum. Time is urgent, the situation is urgent, we must be careful and careful. "Understood." The voice of Lin Danfeng also became nervous: "We will go right away.". Keep in touch A burst of rapid footsteps came from the walkie-talkie, it seems that Lin Danfeng several have begun to act. Suddenly, the voice of'Wind Blade 'rang out: "Ouyang, do I want to go too?" "No, 'Wind Blade', you guard the entrance of the audience, the responsibility is heavy, do not have to come, but must ensure that no dangerous explosives enter the mess.".
Do you understand? Ouyang Xuan's voice was stern. Understood. Make sure you get the job done. 'Wind Blade 'also answered very simply. After catching his breath, Ouyang Xuan hurriedly said, 'Lightning', you are naturally sensitive to electronic instruments, and I am very sensitive to dangerous breath. We two soldiers are divided into two groups. I search to the west, and you search to the east. Pay more attention to the places where the internal staff and volunteers often go, as well as the hidden rooms where things can be hidden. Do you understand? "Understood." Lightning knew that there was no way out. So, let's do it. Ouyang Xuan flew out of the room and searched to the west. Once lightning, then search to the east, two people disappeared in a flash. He Kun, looking at the back of the two people disappeared, really pinched a sweat ah. Ouyang Xuan walked quickly, and he estimated that the insider would put dangerous explosives in a very hidden place where few people went before meeting with several terrorists, so as not to be exposed. So, there is definitely no need to check the places where there are many people, such as the press studio and the conference room. After determining the scope, Ouyang Xuan began to focus on searching some small rooms and sundry rooms at the corner of the wall, especially some hidden rooms not far from the internal passages of staff and volunteers. In a twinkling of an eye, more than ten minutes passed, Ouyang Xuan still found nothing, the head can not help but appear fine beads of sweat. Hey, Lightning, Dan Feng, you guys, did you find it? Ouyang Xuan asked anxiously,plastic pallet crates, looking at the walkie-talkie. No, we're going through it. We haven't found anything yet. The voice over there is also very anxious. All right, keep searching. Ouyang Xuan turned the channel to the unified command channel: "I am the No.1 commander in chief. Have you found anything in the mobile team and the EOD team?" "Report to the commander-in-chief that most of the stands have been tested and nothing has been found." The other end of the walkie-talkie is in a hurry. binpallet.com
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