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Start from scratch (5th Jan 23 at 12:27am UTC)
"I know, that's why I stopped you." "If it's for your own safety, I won't stop you," said Verna. I suddenly laughed: "Ha ha ha ha!"! The gun was not fired in vain! I stood up and helped Verna up. Turning to the crew who were still standing there, he said, "Take off, let's go back." "Eh!" Uh? Uh Yes The crew quickly got back to the front cabin, the cabin door closed, and the plane automatically jumped to the red special light source. When stealth mode is activated, visible light will not shine into the aircraft, so internal lighting must be used. Are you really going to kill him? Song Ning looked at me sitting opposite her and asked. Do I look like I'm acting? "Why?" "To live safely." Volume 9 Chapter 43 Return Mobile E-book · Feiku Net Update Time: May 29, 2007 15:53:00 Number of Words in this Chapter: 3253 It's not that exaggerated, is it? Song Ning doesn't believe it. I shook my head and stopped discussing the question. That one I want to explain but I don't know what to say. While thinking, the plane left the ground, and after a shock, the plane gradually stabilized. Are you upset? The plane flew for a while, Song Ning suddenly broke the sinking in the quiet cabin, and everyone's eyes focused on me at the same time. I nodded and did not speak. Because of us? Song Ning asked again. I still nodded. Just now Are we seeing something we shouldn't be seeing? This time, Lu Yingying, a member of the literary and art committee,metal stamping parts, asked. I thought a little. From the basic law of our country, you have the right to know, but with national security as the starting point, it is better for you not to know. "Should I see it or not?" Lu Yingying asked. I shouldn't. I answered decisively. Now you don't have to hide anything from you? I pointed to the researcher who was squatting in the hatch to study the broken limbs. "In fact, according to the rules, you are not in the rescue area except him today." "You mean we've benefited from it?" Asked the sports commissioner. Verna took one look at me and got my acquiescence before explaining: "We are not responsible for protecting the hostages, that is to say, we will treat the hostages as objects, holding your enemy is equivalent to a shield made of meat at most." Then why save us? Why don't you just save him? Li Ting, who had been in a silly state, Stainless steel foundry ,Steel investment casting, suddenly asked. Weina continued to explain: "We are not on a mission today, so we didn't bring our equipment. It was an accident to meet these people. Otherwise, I would have split you and those guys together at the beginning. Maybe Shenlin will think about it in his classmates'love, but I don't know you.". In addition, because there is no weapon, so we use a special way of attack, the main purpose of the electric shock is to rescue him, and bring you out by the way. Is that how you protect the people? How can the government do this? The organizing committee, who seldom spoke, finally broke out. Verna did not care to explain: "First of all, you have to make it clear that we are not the special forces of the government." "You're not from the government?" "Of course." Xiao Chun went on to say, "We only do things according to Shen Lin's requirements.". And Shenlin is the people of Longyuan, so we are not the people of the country. I also opened my mouth and said, "Xiao Chun is right. We are really not the people of the government. So please don't doubt the system of the country. No matter what I do, it is not the head of the country." "So you're armed with flying law?" Song Ning's understanding is really special. Verna smiled and said, "Miss, I think your understanding is too simple.". There is no distinction between legal and illegal armed forces. "Who said that?" Li Ting also objected: "The People's Police and the People's Liberation Army are the legitimate armed forces of our country.". On the other hand, anything other than this is illegal. "I have to tell you that your understanding is completely wrong," Verna said in a half-mocking tone. Armed forces can be owned by everyone or the collective.
There are strong and weak armed forces. When a relatively strong armed force controls a region steadily for a period of time, a country is formed. After the formation of the state, all the forces within the state that they do not want to see will be defined as illegal armed forces, which is the fundamental principle. Although Shenlin is not an armed force under the state organs, the state wants us to exist, so we are legally armed. "Hum!"! Are you kidding me? The country wants you to exist? The organizing committee scoffed at this. Of course, the state wants us to exist, because we can help the state to do things that it wants to do but cannot do, such as assassination and infiltration and destruction. Special situations like today also need our help, because the rescue of hostages will threaten the safety of the police. It is not once or twice that several national security personnel are sacrificed in order to save a hostage. The training cost of these security personnel and the loss of their sacrifice to society are often higher than the loss caused by the death of the hostage. But the state cannot openly say that it does not care about the hostages. "So you're the best choice?" Song Ning asked. I said, "Actually, we don't care about these miscellaneous things.". Really only when the gangsters are particularly vicious or very dangerous, we will go out, and once we go out, it means that the hostages are finished. Lu Yingying patted her chest and said, "What a close call!"! Recover your life! At this point,titanium machining parts, I looked at Yin, who was still leaning against the cabin door. This guy peed all over his pants and no one wanted to help him. I pushed his head with the barrel of my gun. "You're not done yet.". Tell me about your background. The guy seems to be back to the way he was at the beginning, but there's really nothing imposing about him now. You can't find out my background. "Oh?"? Why "Because I don't have a file." "Can't you even find it in the third file?" "How do you know there is a third file?" Yin suddenly became very nervous. Don't you know I'm an artificial God? Have you forgotten who manages the third file? 。 autoparts-dx.com
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