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A spoiled little lady (5th Jan 23 at 12:26am UTC)
When Mu Yunxian opened the letter, the font looked very strange, but the three words "Ding Guogong" hurt her eyes severely. The author has something to say: My work is 690 +. Please help me to make up an integer. Chapter 81 Chapter 81 Mu Yunxian looked at the letter in silence for a long time, while confused to guess whether the person who sent the letter was Guo Chuxue, while worrying about whether Wei Changkun would think more about it. Holding the letter tightly, Mu Yunxian slowly looked up at Wei Changkun and said in a steady tone, "Hou Ye, although I don't know what happened in those years, my father is not a loyal minister, but he is by no means a treacherous court official or a heinous villain.". "Ten years ago, you were the only legitimate son of the old Marquis. You were still young, and there were many women and children in the family. My father couldn't do such a thing." Mu Yunxian knows Mu Xianheng very well. He is not a good husband, but he is definitely a good son and father. He was no worse than any other man in treating the old lady and her three children. Especially with the other two rooms of the Mu family to make a comparison, Mu Xianheng in the matter of being a father, to do more due diligence, at least for so many years, Mu Yunxian and his father spent more time than other sisters. Mu Yunxian is not ignorant, in the feelings of her parents, she resented Mu Xianheng, as two children, she selfishly hoped that her father and mother would be a pair of people all their lives, and her father did lose her mother. But this can not obliterate the other side of Mu Xianheng, for example,CNC machining parts, he is wise in the court to protect himself, in addition to the consideration of being the head of the Mu family, but also for the sake of Mu Yun in the harem. If the consorts, now the emperor has only one son, in order to avoid the side of the river, set up Zhu Shiyang for the crown prince, kill the mother queen is not impossible, even if only one in ten thousand, Mu Xianheng will not go to risk,car radiator cap, over the years, he for the family and children, received a lot of ambition, in many things very restrained himself. Such Mu Xianheng, even if put to ten years ago, will not have the ambition to murder the commander in chief. Wei Changkun said softly, "I know I can trust your father, so I chose to tell you about it." In fact, more is to choose to believe Mu Yunxian, he believes that such a good girl, parents are also conscientious people. There is an essential difference between a person with a bottom line and an ambitious person. Somehow, Mu Yunxian's eyes turned red. Knowing each other for so long, it was the first time Wei Changkun saw Mu Yunxian crying. He was so anxious that he immediately stood up and sat beside her. "What's wrong?" He said hurriedly? I believe in you, and I believe in your father, and I will not listen to the provocation of others. Wei Changkun did not ask, but Mu Yunxian was even more aggrieved. He lowered his head and eyes, die casting parts ,alloy die casting, and tears fell down one by one. Wei Changkun looked at her at a loss and said nervously, "Xianxian, what's wrong?" Mu Yunxian twisted the veil and recalled Wei Changkun's absence and hesitation when they met in Hu's garden. "You still doubted it," she said. "Didn't you plan to tell me when you first knew about it?" The grievance in the words became more and more intense. As soon as his heart sank, Wei Changkun said with a straight face, "When I got the letter and saw you, I was going to tell you without hesitation.". Xianxian, I know who I like. Wei Changkun believes in himself more than he believes in others. Mu Yunxian felt a little more relaxed and asked, "But what if it's true?" She dared to ask him, but she dared not look at him. Wei Changkun raised her chin and stared at her. "It can't be true," he said. "I will do my best to prove that this has nothing to do with your family." Mu Yunxian was a little flustered when he looked at her and asked, "But what if there is no evidence to prove it?" Wei Changkun looked at Mu Yunxian, who had suddenly become gentle and timid. His heart suddenly softened, like touching a little kitten curled up. He was docile and lovable. He said with a faint smile, "No evidence is the best evidence. You can't find any evidence. Why do you say it has anything to do with your family?"? With these three words? He glanced at the letter in Mu Yunxian's hand. Mu Yunxian bowed her head again, and her heart was so complicated that she tried to wipe her tears clean.
Just before she started, Wei Changkun's hand reached out, and the rough palm rubbed against her delicate skin, and the touch was particularly clear, strange, and stimulating. Wei Changkun scraped off her tears and wiped her face with a clean palm. Then he pulled out the veil from Mu Yunxian's hand and wiped it on her face again. "Don't cry," he said. It's hard to watch. Nodding her head, Mu Yunxian whispered, "Good." When Wei Changkun saw that she had recovered, he said, "There are still words behind it. Look at them." Mu Yunxian looked at it, frowned and asked, "Will I see you today?"? Are you going to see him? With a heavy nod, Wei Changkun said, "See you." He wants to see who it is. "I think it will be Guo Chuxue," said Mu Yunxian. Wei Changkun answered, "This shows that she is intentionally framing your family, and I will not believe her lies." Mu Yunxian was very happy to hear this, but her mind had calmed down and she asked, "She knew about your father three years ago. Maybe she really knew the truth." Shaking his head, Wei Changkun denied, "If she knew, she would have told me after I returned to Beijing. She wouldn't wait until now." "That's right. Maybe you came to my house to propose marriage, so she was in a hurry to bite people." Biting her lips, she said, "I'm sure she didn't expect you to trust me like a rock." Wei Changkun raised his lips and said, "Are you as tough as silk as the pampas grass?" With such a straightforward flirtation, Mu Yunxian glared at him and said, "Nice try!" It's not time yet! Wei Changkun smiled but did not speak, the shy posture of the little daughter's family, he could not help looking at it, the wedding night, she did not know what it would be like. Mu Yunxian was more and more shy when he looked at her. She turned her head and said seriously, "If it's really her, I don't know how she knew what happened ten years ago." "If it's really Guo Chuxue, I suspect it's related to the Yang family,Magnetic Drain Plug, otherwise she wouldn't know." Mu Yunxian questioned: "But the Yang family can not let her know this kind of thing, right?"? Maybe even Guo doesn't know. Wei Changkun said, "I've sent someone to the restaurant early in the morning. I'll go back after dinner with you and see who it is." 。 autoparts-dx.com
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